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    Durability refers to the condition of the currently equipped weapons and armor, among other things. Overusing the said item without repair generally results in it breaking or otherwise becoming non-functional. Many games with role-playing elements incorporate this feature.

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    Often an inconvenience, durability is intended to force players to manage their resources carefully. There are various kinds of durability, and this trait may either be applied arbitrarily to specific items within a game, or to every item. Typically, this is a trait most often used for armor, weapons and other wearables that plays a role in active combat or defense for a player. 


    Durability typically takes two forms in games: Items that wear out after a certain amount of use, either through a number of attacks or damage taken, or items that wear out as time passes.
    Some RPGs use durability to simulate the wear and tear ammunition deals to weapons.  For example, when an archer uses a bow, it will wear out and become unusable after a number of arrows are fired.
    In some first person shooters, when a weapon begins to degrade, it will jam more often. In harsher cases, a gun may become unusable until it get repaired or breaks down permanently. Other games with durability may be more lenient, and the gun may continue to fire until it is finally and truly broken.

    While some games will allow players to repair their weapons, others may force the player to swap for a weapon in working condition. In games with upgrades, the player may be given the opportunity to apply upgrades from a broken weapon to a newer and more functional weapon.

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