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    Frying Pan

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    To some the humble frying pan may appear to be a humble instrument of home cooking, but to those who count these Teflon coated beauties are a valuable aid to assault and battery.

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    Frying pans are essential to the art of cooking. Frying pans come in many varieties with specific differences in shape and base material.

    The average chef knows that a well cured cast iron pan is probably the best to work with. However, cast iron pans require a lot of maintenance and tender care.

    One must lubricate the pan with oil after every use in order to keep the pan "non-stick."

    Non-stick pans are available for cheap, however, they are not as durable. High quality non-stick pans are usually intended for eggs and other items alike.

    A professional chef would rarely fry with a non-stick teflon pan because they are too delicate. Permanent burns from grease are usually what is found on a poorly treated non-stick pan.

    Frying pans also make an excellent weapon against the undead when worse comes to worse.


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