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    An F-Zero pilot raised in the wild, Baba uses his natural born instincts to pilot his machine, the Iron Tiger.

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    Baba was born and raised in the planet Giant, a place surrounded by green vegetation and vast jungles. Being raised in such a primal environment, Baba honed natural skills and insctints that allow him to be competitive in any type of physical activity (his body is in an excellent shape as well). He is still an amateur in the F-Zero GP, yet he has endured some severe physical and spiritual training that increased his skills greatly.


    The Iron Tiger is one of the ships with best grip in the entire roster. As a result, it fares excellently on tracks with long straighaways and wide turns. However, it´s incredible grip can sometimes play against it while taking fast, tight corners since inertial drifts are impossible to perform. Its acceleration and top speed don´t particulary shine, so the best strategy for the pilot is to take full advantage of the Iron Tiger´s maxed-out grip.

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