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    T.E.C 3001

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Aug 24, 2011

    T.E.C. 3001 is third-person racing/action/platform game for XBLIG. It is the first entry from indie developer Phoenix Game Studio.

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     The T.E.C. hauling mechanical tail
    The T.E.C. hauling mechanical tail

    In T.E.C. take control of a Tesla Energy Collector, a robot that works in virtual reality to serve humankind. The goal in each of the game's 21 levels is to accumulate energy in the form of picking up batteries. Every level has a certain number of batteries in which must be grabbed in order to successfully complete the level, very similar to the Special Stages in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. In addition to collecting energy, the goal is also to finish levels in as fast a time as possible. At the end of each level a grade is given based on how well was done based on the number of batteries picked up as well as the speed in which the level was beaten at.

    T.E.C uses several different game mechanics. In one sense it is structure like a platformer in, requiring the player to jump from track to track and collect items to increase the player's score. In another sense T.E.C. is much like a racing game with very defined paths or "tracks" that the player must operate on. Finally, the game also contains some aspects of games in the action genre. At several points, the player must guide the T.E.C. in skydiving and wall-smashing in order to reach their goal.

     An early version of the game's boosting arrows
    An early version of the game's boosting arrows

    T.E.C. share many similarities with the PC game Fotonica. The most pronounced of which is that the player does not have to push a button or analog stick to make the robot move forward. Momentum is a constant. The only way to speed up is to run over green arrows that point forward, similar to a boost pad in F-Zero. Conversely, the only way to slow down is to run over red arrows pointing backwards. Differing from Fotonica, T.E.C requires the player to choose between branching paths by steering like you would a car in a racing game.

    The game features very simplistic game play, the player can jump, double jump, slide and use a turbo charge. These actions are all done using the face buttons or triggers. The game also lets the player to skydive and use jump pads in specific sections. Both allow the player to cross vast distances without a track to run on.


    The game was released on August 25, 2011 as part of the Indie Games Summer Uprising for 240 MS Points.

    Title Update

    On February 1, 2012 Phoenix released a major title update. Included in the update are:

    12 new bonus levels

    In-game achievements

    A Crysis-like voice-over indicating when T.E.C. passes checkpoints and collects batteries

    The ability to destroy T.E.C. 'Splosion Man style

    Several bug fixes

    Unfortunately, the updates also requires you to restart the game from the beginning if you want the in-game achievements. You also must beat the game in order to access the bonus levels.


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