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    Fotonica is a minimalist first-person endless runner / platformer.

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    Fotonica is a first-person platforming game developed by Santa Ragione, a small independent developer based in Milan, Italy. It takes elements from both Mirror's Edge and Rez, with running and platforming inspired by the former and visuals inspired by the latter.

    Fotonica was released on July 18th, 2011 for PC and Mac through the official Fotonica website. A pay-what-you-want model was initially in place. However, this was later changed to a fixed pricing model.


    The game is technically an auto runner however players have a somewhat limited ability to stop or start by pressing the run button, lifting the button will cause the player's character to jump and depending on how much momentum they have this will influence the height of their jump. Once in the air players can again press the run button to land quickly which quickly becomes necessary as many of the platform are small enough so that the player's character would miss them with their natural trajectory. The actual game consists of various stages in which the player runs in a straight line, jumping to and from platforms to reach the end, where a total score is tallied based on the player's performance. In another nod to Rez, Fotonica features five environmentally different stages with an unlockable final level. Each stage has a series of purple dots that the player can collect for bonus points and fluid performance will turn the world gold, further increasing the player's score.


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