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Silver Neelsen is the oldest human currently racing the F-Zero GP. At the age of 99, he holds the record of most races entered by a single pilot, yet he hasn´t won his first GP yet. This is the reason why he is nicknamed "Ironman Neelsen", his persistence and love for racing is remarkable and he is admired by most of the pilots. He has been considering the possibility of retirement, yet he says he will continue to race until he turns 100. Sometimes he can become a crotchety old man, critizicing modern F-Zero machines for obscuring the pilots role, with the modern technology they possess.


Just like Silver, his machine is also quite old school. The Night Thunder is a classic shape and build for an F-Zero machine, yet manages to remain competitive by modern standards. It has a superb boost strength, solid build quality and admirable top speed, though it´s greatest blemish is it´s grip, which is bottom class. This means that the Night Thunder is one of the hardest ships to control, since no matter how you steer the Thunder always takes turns the "slippery" way. However, if a pilot is good enough, hell be able to cover this issue with precision driving; in that case the Night Thunder becomes one of the most obtioned machines to win in any race condition.

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