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    E3 1998

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    The 1998 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) took place at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia on May 28-30.

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    E3 1998 Brochure
    E3 1998 Brochure

    E3 returned to the hot and humid city of Atlanta in 1998. The choice to bring the industry's biggest event to the east coast was not a popular one by many, and what was first intended to be a three year excursion was quickly cut short. Upon arrival to E3 1998, it was announced that the show would return to its original home in Los Angeles in 1999. Unlike the previous year, the entire show was located within the GWCC, removing the much complained about outdoor walk to the nearby Georgia Dome. The year of 1998 is widely considered as one of the greatest years in the history of gaming, and the year's E3 show foreshadowed much of the year's success. One of the major news items to come from E3 1998 was Sega's announcement of the Dreamcast as a result of a partnership with Microsoft and Hitachi. After three years of rough roads with the Saturn, Sega had decided to cut their losses and put all their efforts into a newer, more advanced system. Sega did not have it playable on the show floor, but their Tower of Babel demo had everyone talking.

    One game that was the talk of the show was only shown behind closed doors, and that was none other than Duke Nukem Forever. The real highlight of the show though had to be The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The game had been at the previous E3, but it now nearing completion and only a few months away from release in North America. Other top titles of the show included Final Fantasy VIII, which was riding a huge wave of anticipation after the colossal success of Final Fantasy VII the year prior. And then there was Half-Life, which was nearing the end of a long period of development. Metal Gear Solid made another appearance at E3 as well, and Konami's entire booth was designed around Kojima's masterpiece. E3 '98 was also many westerners' first chance to get their hands on a new franchise that had taken Japan by storm, Pokemon.

    As for hardware, Nintendo debuted their new handheld, Game Boy Color. They also unveiled the Game Boy Camera and Printer here. This only slightly distracted attendees from the lack of Nintendo's 64DD add-on to the Nintendo 64, which would never be released in the west. Sony announced a new SKU for the PlayStation that would include the new Dual Shock controller.

    Games of the Show

    The games listed below not only include those playable on the show floor, but any game referenced at the show. This would include video presentations, announcements, advertisements, or any other official reference to the game from its developer, publisher, or platform. They are listed mainly according to the publisher of the game, with a few exceptions where the publisher did not attend the show. An example of this would be a hardware company such as Nintendo or nVidia showing a game not developed or published by them. In several situtations, games either changed their title or even their publisher before they were released. For historical accuracy in chronicling E3, such games will be listed with their original names and publishers, and linked to the corresponding page of the final game.





    Blizzard Entertainment



    Crave Entertainment

    Disney Interactive

    Electronic Arts

    Eidos Interactive

    ESPN Digital Games

    Fox Interactive

    GT Interactive


    • The Axe













    Oddworld Inhabitants


    Red Storm Entertainment


    Sierra Online


    Sony Interactive Studios America


    Take Two Interactive




    Titus Software


    Virgin Interactive

    Working Designs

    Game Critics Awards

    The Best of E3
    The Best of E3

    The Game Critics Awards are decided by an independent group of North American media outlets. They have selected the most promising games of each Electronic Entertainment Expo since 1998, and have thus become recognized as the most respected "Best of" awards that come out of the annual show. Games qualify for nomination by having hands-on playable versions of the game at the show.

    Most Promising New Game (Best of Show)

    Most Promising New Peripheral

    • Microsoft Sidewinder Freestyle Pro ( Microsoft)

    Best Game, PC

    Best Game, Console

    Best Action Game

    Best Adventure Game

    Best Real-Time Strategy Game

    Best Turn-Based Strategy Game

    Best Combat Simulation Game

    • Fighter Legends (Jane's)

    Best Non-Combat Simulation Game

    Best Fighting Game

    Best Racing Game

    Best Sports Game

    Best RPG Game

    Best Online Only Game

    Best Puzzle/Trivia Game

    Best Booth at the E3 Show

    Best Party at the E3 Show

    • Babylon 5



    • 3D Joe Corporation
    • 3D Labs, Inc.
    • 3Dfx Interactive, Inc.
    • The 3DO Company
    • 3VR, Inc.
    • Abacus Software, Inc.
    • About Time Inc.
    • Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
    • Access Software
    • Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.
    • Accolade, Inc.
    • ACT LABS Ltd.
    • Action Media B.V.
    • Action Zone LLC
    • Active Boeki K.K.
    • Activision, Inc.
    • Adventus Inc.
    • Akella
    • Alias/Wavefront
    • Alliance Inventory Management
    • Alpha Software
    • Aludra Software
    • AMD
    • Americ Disc Inc.
    • America Online
    • American Multimedia, Inc.
    • AnimaTek International, Inc.
    • ARC Media Inc.
    • ASCII Entertainment Software, Inc.
    • Atlus Company, Ltd.
    • Australian Trade Commission
    • Avalon Hill Game Co.
    • Avery Dennison
    • Bandai Digital Entertainment Corp.
    • Beam International
    • Behaviour Interactive
    • BFD Productions
    • Big Fun
    • Binarystar Enterprise Inc.
    • Blizzard Entertainment
    • Blue Byte Software Inc.
    • BradyGames
    • Brainstorm Marketing
    • Brighter Child INteractive LLC
    • Brilliant Digital Entertainment
    • Broderbund Software
    • Bungie Software
    • Cakewalk
    • Cambridge Educational
    • CAPCOM
    • Cavedog Entertainment
    • CDV Software GmbH
    • Cendant Software
    • CFMEACTIM French Pavilion
    • CGDA Computer Game Developer Association
    • CH Products
    • CHaman
    • Channel M
    • Chips & Bits, Inc.
    • CMP Media
    • Comfy Interactive Movies
    • Computing Services & Software Associates
    • Cosmi Corporation
    • Crave Entertainment
    • Creative Edge Software
    • Creative Labs, Inc.
    • Creative Wonders/The Learning Company
    • Criterion Studios
    • Crusaders Studios, Inc.
    • Cryo Interactive Entertainment
    • Crystal Dynamics, Inc.
    • Curtco Freedom Group
    • CyberACTIVE Publishing
    • CyberStuff Corp
    • Davidson & Associates, Inc.
    • DeLorme Mapping Company
    • Denon Active Media
    • Digital Addiction
    • Digital Media International
    • Dimension Publishing
    • Disc Makers
    • discreet monsters
    • Disney INteractive
    • DOC'S, A division of Arist Interactive LLC
    • Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation
    • Dreamworks Interactive
    • DWANGO/Interactive Visual Systems Corporation
    • Dynamix
    • Eidos Interactive
    • El-Ko Interactive Inc.
    • Electro Source, LLC
    • Electronic Arts
    • Ellis Enterprises, Inc.
    • ELSPA (UK) Ltd.
    • Empire Interactive
    • Encore Software
    • Entertainment Marketing Group, Inc./On the Strip Network
    • Entertainment Software Ratings Board
    • Erbe Software S.A.
    • ESEL International Co. Ltd.
    • ESPN Digital Games (Radical Entertainment)
    • Eureka Software
    • Federal Disk Manufacturing
    • Fire International Ltd
    • Fors
    • Fox Interactive
    • France Edition
    • Fujitsu Interactive, Inc.
    • Full Throttle
    • G-VOX
    • Game Developer Magazine
    • Game Informer Magazine
    • Game Source International
    • GameFan Magazine
    • Gametech Company Ltd.
    • GameTronics
    • Gathering of Developers
    • Globalink
    • Golf Manager Enterprises/GT Interactive
    • Good Hope Electronic Company Ltd.
    • Grand View Products
    • GraphicCorp
    • Gravis of Kensington Technical Group
    • Greenleaf Technologies Corporation
    • Gremlin Interactive Ltd.
    • Grolier INteractive
    • GT Interactive Software
    • Guillemot International
    • H a
    • H3D Entertainment
    • Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.
    • Hasbro Interactive
    • Head Games Publishing
    • Her Interactive
    • Hercules Computer Technology, Inc.
    • Hicom Co. Ltd.
    • Highcom GmbH
    • Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd.
    • Homestyles/GT Interactive
    • Honey Bee Industrial International Ltd.
    • HOT-B USA Inc.
    • Houghton Mifflin Interactive
    • Humongous Entertainment
    • Hyperlock
    • I-Design
    • IBM Consumer Software
    • IDG Games Media Group
    • IEMA
    • Imagine Media Inc.
    • Immersion Corporation
    • Impact Interactive Publishing
    • IMSI
    • Infogrames Entertainment/Ocean
    • Ingram Micro
    • Inner Workings
    • Innovation
    • Instant Access
    • Intel Corporation
    • InterAct Accessories Inc.
    • InterAct Multimedia Products
    • Interactive Magic
    • Intergraph Computer Systems
    • International Periodical Distributors
    • International Purchase Systems (IPS)
    • Interplay Productions
    • ITU Research
    • Jack of All Games, Inc.
    • Jackin Optical Technology Ltd.
    • Jaleco USA Inc.
    • Joytech Europe
    • Jupiter Communications
    • KEMCO
    • KESMAI Corporation
    • Knowledge Adventure
    • Konami of America, Inc.
    • Korea PC Game Development (KOGA)
    • Korean Multimedia Content Center
    • Kutoka Interactive
    • The Learning Company, Inc.
    • LEGO Media International
    • LEGO Mindstorms
    • Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products
    • License!
    • Lionhead Studios
    • The Logic Factory
    • Logitech
    • Lucas Learning
    • LucasArts Entertainment Company
    • MacDaddy Entertainment, Inc.
    • Macmillan Digital Publishing
    • Macmillan Software
    • Macrovision Corporation
    • Mad Catz, Inc.
    • Mad Genius Software Ltd.
    • Magicom Multimedia
    • Mars Publishing
    • Masco Distributors
    • Matrox Graphics
    • Mattel Media
    • McGraw-Hill Home Interactive
    • Media Group
    • MediaX
    • Megamedia
    • Merit Q
    • MGM Interactive
    • Micro Central
    • MICROBOSS Software GmbH
    • Microfolie's Edition
    • Microforum
    • Microids
    • Micronics Computers/Orchid Technology
    • MicroProse, Inc.
    • Microsoft
    • Microware Distributing, Inc.
    • Midway Home Entertainment
    • Milia
    • Millennium Interactive Games & Gifts
    • Millennium Publications
    • Miller Freeman
    • Mindscape
    • Mixx Entertainment
    • Monolith Productions
    • Motion Analysis Corporation
    • The MOtion Factory
    • MPG Net Inc. (GameHub)
    • Multitude Inc.
    • N-TK (Entertainment Technology, Inc./Memorex Software)
    • Naki International
    • Namco Hometek, Inc.
    • NARM
    • National Geographic Interactive
    • Navarre Corporation
    • Neato, LLC
    • New Media Generation, Inc.
    • NewKidCo
    • NewTek
    • Niceway International LTD
    • Nichimen Graphics
    • Nimbus Information Systems
    • Nintendo of America, Inc.
    • Notting Hill Electronic Publishers
    • NovaLogic, Inc.
    • Novamatic
    • NTT Software Corporation
    • Nuby
    • Nyko Technologies, Inc.
    • Ocean of America Inc.
    • The OGR Network
    • Onyx Soft, Inc.
    • OPTEC Company, Ltd.
    • OptiDisc (UK) Ltd.
    • Opus Educational Software
    • P.F. Magic
    • Palladium Interactive
    • Panasonic Interactive Media Co.
    • Patch Products, Inc.
    • Phantagram Ltd.
    • Phantom Reality, Inc.
    • Pioneer Distributors, Inc.
    • Pioneer Entertainment
    • Pioneer New Media Technologies, Inc.
    • Prianha Interactive Publishing
    • PlanetWeb
    • Pride Interactive Media Accessories (A Division of UFE Inc.)
    • Prima Publishing
    • Psygnosis Ltd.
    • Purple Moon
    • QUALCOMM, Inc.
    • Quantum 3D, Inc.
    • QuickShot Technology, Inc.
    • Rage Software
    • Ravensburger Interactive Media
    • Reality Quest Corporation
    • Red Lemon Studios
    • Red Orb Entertainment
    • Red Storm Entertainment, Inc.
    • Rendition, Inc.
    • Retail Price Week
    • Roadshow Interactive
    • Rocelco Inc.
    • Rolling Stone
    • RomTech Inc.
    • Royal Electronics Inc.
    • S.I. Jacobsen Manufacturing Company
    • S & I Marking Inc.
    • S3 Incorporated
    • Saitek Industries Ltd.
    • Sanyo Verbatim CD Company
    • SC & T International, Inc.
    • School Zone Publishing Company
    • Scottish Enterprise - Scottish Games Alliance
    • SEGA of America
    • SegaSoft Networks, Inc.
    • SGRL
    • Sierra On-Line
    • Silicon Fish Productions
    • Simon & Schuster Interactive
    • SKC
    • SkyKing Freight & Logistic Services
    • Smarty Pants Publishing
    • Socratic Technologies
    • SofSource, Inc.
    • SoftKat, Inc.
    • Software 2000
    • Software Solutions
    • Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
    • Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
    • Sony Interactive Studios America
    • Sound Source Interactive
    • The Source Magazine
    • SouthPeak Interactive
    • SPIN Magazine
    • Sprint Software
    • Squaresoft, Inc.
    • SSI Macmillan Distribution
    • ST LABS
    • Strata Distributing, Inc.
    • Strategic Marketing Partners
    • Strategic Simulations Inc.
    • Suncom Technologies Inc.
    • SVG Distribution
    • Take 2 Interactive Software Europe
    • TalonSoft, Inc.
    • Tech Data
    • Technos Hungary
    • Tecmo Inc.
    • Telefilm Canada
    • Telstra Corporation Ltd.
    • Tension Envelope Corporation
    • THQ Inc.
    • ThrustMaster, Inc.
    • Tiger Electronics, Inc.
    • Tigerex Enterprise Company, Ltd.
    • Tips & Tricks Magazine
    • Titus Software Corporation
    • Torus Games
    • Toushea Multimedia
    • Transparent Language Inc.
    • Turtle Beach Systems
    • Ubi Soft Entertainment
    • United Game Soruce
    • United Interactive
    • Univenture CD Packaging & Systems
    • Universal Studios Digital Arts
    • Vibe Magazine
    • Victory Multimedia
    • Video Computer SPA
    • Video System USA, Inc.
    • Virgin Interactive Entertainment
    • Virtual Knowledge
    • VIS Interactive PLC
    • Visual Sciences Ltd.
    • VM Labs, Inc.
    • Voxar Ltd
    • Voyetra Technologies/Turtle Beach Systems
    • VR-1 Inc.
    • VTechSoft, Inc.
    • Warehouse23
    • Wave Systems Corporation
    • Web Entertainment Bi-Weekly
    • Webster Publishing
    • The West Side Group
    • Westwood Studios
    • WIT (World International Trading)
    • Wizards of the Coast
    • Working Designs
    • WOrld Net
    • WorldPlay Entertainment
    • Xaos Tools, Inc.
    • Z-Products
    • Z-Best Audio & Video
    • Zane Publishing
    • Ziff-Davis Inc.
    • Zoi World Corporation
    • Zykon

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