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    Help the X-Men take back control of the Danger Room and defeat Magneto.

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    Magneto gets control of the Danger Room computers and turns routine simulations into deadly games. The game consists of four playable characters ( Cyclops, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Gambit) and five support characters ( Rogue, Storm, Iceman, Archangel and Jean Grey) as you battle against constantly intensifying danger room simulations. The heroes, with the help of Professor Xavier, try to regain control of their surroundings, eventually facing Magneto in 'real life' on his asteroid base.


    The Savage Land (Boss Characters : Juggernaut and Zaladane)

    The Shi'ar Empire (Boss Character : Deathbird) Using Nightcrawler's teleport, vast sections of this level can be skipped.

    Light House (Boss Characters: Sabretooth, Juggernaut and Apocalypse) Using Nightcrawler's teleport, vast amounts of this level can be skipped.

    Post Apocalyptic World (Boss Character : Ahab)

    Mojo's Crunch (Boss Character : Mojo) At the end of this level, after you destroy the computer, you actually have to push the reset button on the Sega Genesis. This makes it impossible to beat if your reset button is stuck or if you are playing it on a different system.

    Asteroid M (Boss Character : Magneto) Using Nightcrawler's teleport, a significant portion of this level can be skipped.


    Juggernaut : To defeat Juggernaut, dodge his charge and hit him in the face when he stops. If you are not on ground level he will stomp which will drop you down from any ledge you are on. My strategy was to use Nightcrawler or Wolverine and wait for him to charge a half screen away. Dodge his charge and do a jumping attack (with Nightcrawler) or a special jumping attack (with Wolverine). This should propel you behind Juggernaut, and if you were a half screen away there should be plenty of space behind him to avoid his next charge.

    Zaladane : Zaladane charges up an energy ball attack and jumps away when you get close. Just avoid the energy attack and hit her when she jumps or lands.

    Deathbird : Dodge her when she jumps or fires and hit her when she lands.

    Sabretooth : Hit him when he ducks. To get him to duck just stand under him and in front of him a little. He will start his downward lunging attack and when he does he is vulnerable. When using Nightcrawler, it is best to use his special ability to attack Sabertooth rather than his jumping attack given that his jumping attack can possibly propel him into a vulnerable position.

    Apocalypse : He can be beat very quickly simply using Nightcrawler's special ability. Just press 'A' when he comes to hit you and he will take damage. Otherwise you have to let him charge up, get close to him, jump away, and then let him charge down before you attack him.

    Mojo : This area is designed so you can use the platforms to jump over Mojo, but this is only necessary with Gambit. All other characters can simply jump over him and hit him in the base of the tail to cause damage. Most easily done with Nightcrawler's jumping attack or Wolverine's super jumping attack. After defeating Mojo you have to restart the console to continue to the next level. If you failed to restart the console you would lose and be sent to the opening screen.

    Magneto : Magneto is a difficult boss, to defeat him you must dodge his attacks and then hit him when he shoots his magnetic beam at you.

    Critical Reception

    When released, Electronic Gaming Monthly gave the Genesis version the scores of 6,7,6,8 stating, "...I wish there were more characters to choose from. The music and sounds are simply repeated noises from other Sega games... The switching of the X-men characters during the game is cool and the variety of special moves are also welcome. The game is very choppy and the control needs work".


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