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    Storm has the Mutant ability to control the weather to a great extent (for instance, she can cause tornadoes to take down fighter jets.) She is African and was once worshiped as a god before Xavier took her in.

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    Storm was born in America to an Africian Princess and American photojournalist. When she was five her family moved to Cairo where her family was killed and she developed severe claustrophobia after her years as a thief. She travelled south and was worshipped as a goddess until she joined the X-Men and has stayed with the team every since often being there leader recently she has been married to the Black Panther and is now Queen of Wakanda.     

    Skills and Abilities

    Weather Control

    Storm is a very powerful mutant with the psionic ability to control the weather. She does this by altering the ever-changing energy patterns that only she is able to see. As Storm is connected to her environment she must maintain control of her emotions or a fit of rage could cause violent weather. Storm is able to control all forms of weather from temperature, to precipitation, to being able to generate lightning, and has also shown the ability to control atmospheric pressure. While she is able to create all these weather forms, she is also able to disperse them as well. 

    Storm's ability to fly comes from her aerokinesis, this allow her to control the wind currents around her and it also lets her move objects and people as well as letting her create tornadoes. This ability also gives her control over air pressure, with which she can crush skrull warships or create pressure greater than that on the surface of Jupiter. Storm is also immune to all effects of the weather, including extreme temperatures of heat and the cold.

    When Storm enters a different environment her powers adapt to that environment, e.g. When Storm travels underwater she is able to use the water currents like air currents, pushing her through the water. Because her power adapts to the environment she is protected from the cold and crushing pressure that come with extreme depths. Even when Storm is not on the surface of a planet, as long as she is near a star she is able to harness solar winds which allow her to fly in space. 

    Her willpowers are another ability of Storm's which has helped her fight off telepathic assaults she has also used lightning  to defend herself against telepathic attacks. Another example of her willpowers is that she was able to house the consciousnesses of Eternity in her mind, which according to Doctor Strange was a task that few could do others heroes were present at the time could do.

    Mystical Heritage

     Notes from an Egyptian historian referencing Storm's lineage.
     Notes from an Egyptian historian referencing Storm's lineage.

    Storm is descendant of a long line of African Priestess that had white hair, blue eyes, and magic potential. These women have been around since the dawn of Atlantis. Since Storm has the features of this long line of Priestesses she has powerful untapped magical potential and is one of this era's High Priestess. But she also shares this title equally with the Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness.  


    Storm is an expert thief with an extraordinary ability at picking locks. Once, when reduced to the mental age of a child she was able to pick a lock with just her teeth. She is also adept at picking pockets and is an excellent escape artist. She is also an extremely experienced hand-to-hand fighter, being trained by Wolverine and is also a capable marksman with handguns.


    Storm has one weakness, which she her severe claustrophobia, which affects her to this day. When Storm is trapped she is unable to concentrate and her powers will sometimes fall out of control. With enough emotion behind her powers she can cause an explosion of elemental power that equals that of a small star.

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