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    Cable is an enhanced mutant from the future that is the son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor, a cloned version of Jean Grey.

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    Cable, born Christopher Charles Summers, is the son of Scott Summers (The X-Man Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor, who was a clone of Jean Grey. Madelyne was created by Mr. Sinister in the hope that she would seduce Scott and together they would create a powerful offspring. It was Sinister's plan to use the child as an ultimate weapon against his former master, the eternal mutant, Apocalypse. When Jean Grey was reborn from her cocoon in Jamaica Bay, Cyclops left Madelyne and his son.

    Pryor was assaulted by the Marauders and later awoke from a coma that lasted weeks named "Jane Doe", her existence erased by Sinister and her baby gone. She called on the X-Men who rescued her from the Marauders who were sent again by Sinister to finish her off. Remaining with the X-Men, Madelyne was manipulated by the Limbo demon Sym in her dreams and tortured by Genosha's Genegineer, resulting in the manifestation of latent Phoenix powers.

    Sinister, hoping to set his plans in motion, kept baby Christopher in his lair beneath the orphanage Scott grew up in. The demon N'astirh learned of Sinister's plan and sent demons who took the baby from Sinister's genetic farm after Jean and Scott had found him in a chamber filled with other babies. Scott and Jean were distracted fighting Orphan Maker and the Nanny, also at the orphanage to kill baby Christopher and any potential mutant children.

    Believing Jean stole her identity and husband, Madelyne destroyed Jean's tombstone and turned her parents into her demon minions, Madelyne was taken by N'astirh to what was her cloning chamber at Sinister's lab and Sinister confessed that she was Jean's clone. N'astirh returned with the baby and gave it to a newly liberated Madelyne. Driven mad and now calling herself the Goblin Queen, Madelyne renamed her son "Nathan" after the pseudonym Sinister used while bullying Cyclops in the orphanage he grew up in.

    She wanted to use her own son for revenge against Sinister and Cyclops and set to sacrifice Nathan to open the portal to Limbo on Earth. Pryor was eventually defeated and killed by Jean Grey and the combined forces of X-Factor and the X-Men and the baby was rescued.

    After the Inferno story arc, Scott and Jean cared for the baby, keeping the name Nathan Christopher. Apocalypse,

    apparently having learned of Sinister's plan at some point, abducted baby Nathan and infected him with a deadly techno-organic virus on the Inhumans' lunar base before X-Factor could save him.

    A member of the Clan Askani, a sisterhood in the future that fought against Apocalypse, appeared and told Cyclops that Nathan would die from the T-O virus unless she brought him 2000 years into the future. Cyclops had no choice but to agree and sent his son to the future with X-Factor's sentient computer Ship watching over him. Ship, created by the Celestials and once under Apocalypse's control, had been almost destroyed by a similar T-O virus and reduced to a pod that lay dormant in young Nathan's chest cavity with its eons of information lost or damaged when it entered the time stream.

    The leader of the Askani clan, known as Mother Askani, turned out to be a time-displaced Rachel Summers, Scott and Jean's daughter from another reality, currently known as Marvel Girl. Nate was cloned in case he couldn't survive the Askani's treatment for the virus. However, the Askani were attacked by those loyal to Apocalypse who took the clone believing it to be the real Nathan. Apocalypse raised the infant as his heir and future vessel and dubbed him Stryfe, the Chaos-Bringer.

    The Early Years

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    Mother Askani/Rachel was able to bring the psyches of honeymooning Scott and Jean into this future to raise and protect Nate during a particularly violent time when Apocalypse's purges were threatening the Askani's existence. Inhabiting new bodies and using the names Slym and Redd Dayspring, Scott and Jean raised Nate for 12 years.

    After many years and battles, Stryfe was able to escape into the past and Nate had to follow him. He arrived in Scotland many years before he would be born, where he met Moira MacTaggert. Cable used his telepathy with Moira to learn how to speak English and brushed up on 20th century history. She suggested Nate meet Professor X, so he traveled to New York City. There he had a tussle with Vulture as well as Wolverine who was working for Department H at the time.

    Six Pack/Wild Pack

    Nate assumed the name Cable and formed a mercenary group, theWild Pack, later known as the Six Pack after Silver Sable informed them the name was already taken. The Six Pack carried out missions primarily on behalf of a "European businessman" Mr. Tolliver who was later revealed to be Cable's son Tyler Dayspring.

    Cable had his computer, "Professor", research a group of seemingly immortal mutants called Externals. Sam Guthrie's name came up in the search and apparently was living well into the 24th century, and going by the codename Cannonball in the 20th century when he would potentially first realize he was an external. Cable took a particular interest in Sam because it was stated that he had the potential to become a high lord, an extremely rare mutant more powerful than Externals.

    New Mutants/X-Force

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    Timesliding back to the 20th century following a fallout with the Six Pack, Cable assumed leadership of the New Mutants and along with the mutant Domino, who he also had relationship with, reformed them into the team known as X-Force. Cable believed in following Professor X's dream of harmony between humans and mutants but their perspectives as to how that dream would be realized differed. Cable believed that Xavier's methods were too soft during hard times and the dream required a much more aggressive approach.


    For a time, Cable had nearly limitless control over his powers, however he knew the toll wielding such energy would have on his body, so he tried to make a difference while he still could. He wanted to give people a taste of what peace could be like. He used his powers to pull the sunken pieces of his space station Providence out of the ocean and rebuild it as a flying sanctuary, inviting some of the world's greatest minds and anyone else looking to start a new. In a series of interviews with his friend Irene Merryweather, he revealed that: He spent four days re routing the waterways to flood half the Sahara.

    He spent two days removing every logger in the amazon. He soothed the pain of every single person on earth suffering from disease. Stopped the white blood cell count deterioration in AIDS patients, attempted to straighten the leaning tower of Pisa. He stopped a daily average of fourteen individual terrorist attacks, eleven hundred attempted murders and seven thousand car accidents.

    As he was so powerful, governments, SHIELD and the X-Men all worried that he had become drunk with power, and in a way they were just. The X-Men ran over seventy Danger Room simulations trying to find a way to defeat Cable, and came up being terribly defeated every time. SHIELD planned on finding a way to deactivate Providence's anti-gravity generators, which wouldn't have worked anyway because Cable was holding the floating city using only his mind.

    Cable gave all governments 48 hour notice that they need to disarm or he would throw all their weapons into the sun. The Six Pack were dispatched to take down Cable, but were easily defeated, most of them chose to side with Cable. The X-Men along with Deadpool attempted an assault on Cable and also were defeated, with Deadpool ambushing Bishop and Wolverine and joining Cable's side again.

    Eventually Silver Surfer got into the picture and battled Cable. Surfer was concerned that Cable's passion would consume him, and lead him to destroy the world. While fighting, Cable rebuilt all the damage to the city that ensued during their battle while simultaneously keeping Providence afloat. Cable managed to shatter the Surfer's board, but was defeated by the alien nonetheless.

    Cable had Deadpool use a teleporter matrix to lobotomize him so he couldn't use his higher brain functions, like telepathy, but not before Cable safely lowered Providence into the South Pacific. Cable went into hiding, barely able to keep himself alive. While he was in hiding, an additional twelve thousand people sought refuge at Providence.


    After X-Force disbanded, Cable went on to other things and even joined the X-Men.

    In the Civil War story arc, Cable sided with Captain America, still fighting crime as unregistered, illegal super-heroes.

    Messiah Complex

    During the Messiah Complex, a new Baby Mutant is born on Earth. Cable and the X-Men proclaim the new mutant baby to the be the future savior of mutant and mankind alike. Cable decides that the new mutant baby should be protected at all costs and fights for it. After many events and battles, the baby ends up in Cable's hands. Cable time travels in order to protect him and the baby.

    After traveling for five months, Cable arrives in New Jersey in the year 2043 A.D. and in a hostile environment. When Cable attempts to enter a diner, he is attacked by Bishop who has apparently tracked him down and wants to kill the baby because he believes that the baby will bring doom to mutants in the future. When Nathan was about to escape, he was stopped by his father, Cyclops. Cable reasoned with him that the baby will not be safe in present, that she could grow up to be the mutant savior by letting her grow up to the future. Seeing that Cable may have a point, Cyclops let his son escape to the time portal. When Cable arrived in the future, he says, "Now comes the hard part".

    Cable (on-going)

    After the events of Messiah Complex, Cable and the baby have traveled through into an alternate future for the safety of the baby. They were followed by Bishop who is bent on killing the baby because he believes that she is the cause of the mutants being tortured in his reality. After an altercation with Bishop, Cable and the baby take refuge in that house of a waitress named Sophie.

    As Cable heals his wounds and tends to the baby he is visited by an old friend Sam "Cannonball" Guthrie. It was found out that Cannonball is the last remaining X-man in that reality and was able to find Cable and the baby mutant by using cerebra. After figuring out that Bishop was on the way Cannonball stayed behind so that Cable, the baby mutant and Sophie can make their escape. After a battle with Bishop, Cannonball seemed to have the upper hand. Before he could deliver a final blow Bishop used the technology from his arm to rip out Cannonballs heart and left him dead on the ground.

    Elsewhere, Sophie tries to convince Cable to continue to run away saying that he was a good man. Cable's response to her plea was " I'm tired of running"


    Gender - Male

    Height - 6'8"

    Weight - 350 lbs

    Eyes - Blue

    Hair - White

    Unusual Characteristics - Left arm is bionic looking due to Technovirus


    Cable had immense psionic powers, both telepathic and telekinetic. The full extent of his powers were not seen. Up until recently, Cable had to telekinetically hold back the techno virus from further infecting the left side of his body. His central nervous system has been enhanced giving him an above human reaction time. Cable can move fast enough to dodge bullets in-flight. Cable has several cybernetic enhancements on the left side of his body. His technorganic arm gives him super strength. Cable is a superb strategist and warrior having trained and fought in both the 20th and 40th centuries.

    Recently, Cable has lost his psionic abilities, but he managed to use technology to replicate them. He uses the Dominus Objective to learn any desired information on the infonet, and also transmit information to other people. He also possesses the Cone of Silence which gives him a gravimetric sheath, acting very similar to Invisible Woman's force-fields.

    Alternate Realities


    The Ultimate universe's Cable is really James Howlett - Wolverine from a future timeline.

    Because this version of Cable came from a alternate future reality his own reality wouldn't be Earth-1610 but has been designated Earth-2107.


    The Age of Apocalypse version of Cable is X-Man, a clone created from Scott Summers and Jean Grey.


    In this reality, Apocalypse rules the world with the help of his Horsemen of Apocalypse. The horsemen was made out of Angel (Archangel in this reality and is now called Death), Blob (Famine), Spider-Man (Pestilence) and Cable (War). Cable is responsible for genocide on earth and has also killed Deadpool.


    In Earth X, the technorganic virus has overtaken Cable's whole body and he is now a blob of liquid metal. He survived the telepath massacre that killed all telepaths including Professor X by living under Magneto's city made out of Sentinel, Sentinel City.


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