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Marvel Contest of Champions is a touch-based fighting game featuring characters from the Marvel universe. Characters can rise in rank and additional heroes can be earned or purchased using real-world currency.

Players fight through a storyline centered on The Collector, who has captured the game's various fighters in order to pit them against one-another in a tournament.

Combat is touch-based, with the left side of the screen used for blocking (by holding down on the left side), back dashes (left swipes) and forward dashes (right swipes). The right side is used for attacking, with taps for light strikes, swipes for medium, and holds to charge up heavy attacks. Heavy attacks can break a character's block. There is also a super meter, which can be pressed when full to activate supers.


Characters are segregated by their power source as a Class. Each Class is strong against another Class, and weak against a different Class.

Cosmic Champions

Mutant Champions

Mystic Champions

Science Champions

Skill Champions

Tech Champions

NPC Minions

These unplayable Champions come in every Class

  • Adaptoid
  • Deadpooloid
  • Symbioid
  • Ultron Drone

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