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    Eddie Brock

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    Eddie Brock is a character in the Marvel Universe best known as Venom. He became Venom when he joined with an alien symbiote life form and was one of the most fearsome enemies of Spider-Man. He has also use the Anti-Venom and Toxin symbiotes at different points in his life.

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    During Marvel's series "Secret Wars," many Marvel heroes including Spider-Man went to another galaxy name Battleword. There, Spider-Man's costume was damaged beyond repair and suddenly came in contact with an alien that constructed him a new costume. After returning back to earth, Peter Parker was still wearing this weird costume, realizing that his power got greatly increased. He kept wearing the costume for long time, until in some point he started feeling really strange. At first, he found out sleeping a lot during the day and he was having very weird dreams. So Spidey decided to get an advice from the only person he knew that could possibly help, Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic 4.

    Together, they discovered that the costume was a living organism and Peter instantly tried to command it to come off, but apparently the costume refused. Mr. Fantastic found a way to rid the costume from Spider-Man and that was with a sonic blaster gun that drove the costume away from Peter Parker. Unfortunately for Peter, the symbiote costume struck again to merge with him. In desperation, Peter took the symbiote to a tower and he used the thunderous sound of church bells to finally be rid of it.

    Eddie Brock, a journalist who hated Spider-Man, happened to be at the same church. The symbiote, sensing his hate for Spider-Man merged with him and turned him into Venom. Venom and Eddie Brock were now sworn to destroy Spidey with the knowledge that the costume gathered from Spider-Man, like his real name, abilities, and skills . Venom tried many times to defeat Spider-Man but every time he failed.

    When Eddie Brock discovered that he got cancer, he started feeling guilt about his actions and he decided to get rid of the costume by placing it up for auction. The money that he would get from the costume would be used for charity. The winner was a mafia boss named Don Fortunato that gave the costume to his son Angelo. Angelo stint with the suit was short lived, however. After a battle with Spider-Man , the symbiote decided to desert Angelo while he was in air, and thus Angelo fell to his death.

    Finally the symbiote found a greater host with even more hatred of Spider-Man . This host was Mac Gargan also known as the villain Scorpion. The alien symbiote offered Mac Gargan the opportunity to become stronger that he already was in order to finally destroy Spider-Man. Though he was defeated, Mac was offered a chance to work with the government on "Civil War" to stop the super heroes from not registering for the Superhuman Registration Act. After the end of civil war, Venom joined the Thunderbolts with the chance to get free after a year of service. During this time Venom was viewed favorably by the public, no longer a villain. At present, Flash Thompson is the New Venom.

    As for Eddie Brock, he became quite melancholy after the news that he had cancer. A touch from his friend Martin Li (Mister Negative), however, miraculously healed him from his cancer. In an encounter with the Mac Gargan version of Venom, the healing energy of Martin Li, along with the remnants of the symbiote left in his cells merge and Brock is transformed into Anti-Venom.

    Characteristics, Strength and Powers

    Height: 6 ft 3 (1.93cm) as Eddie Brock, 7 ft 6 as Venom

    Weight: 260 lbs (118 kg) as Eddie Brock, 795 lbs as Venom

    Hair: Strawberry Blond

    Eyes: Blue

    Strength: can lift:

    - 700 lbs (as Brock)

    - 25 tons (as Venom),

    - 75< tons (as Anti-Venom), he can increase his strength when he bulks up.


    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Accelerated Healing Factor
    • Wall-Crawling
    • Immunity to Spider-man's Spider Sense
    • Webbing Generation
    • Camouflage Capabilities
    • External Symbiote Rejection (Anti-Venom only)
    • Constituent-Matter Manipulation (Anti-Venom only)
    • Impurity Sense (Anti-Venom only)
    • Internal Bodily Cleansing (Anti-Venom only)
    • Spider-Power Negation (Anti-Venom only)

    In Film

    • Venom (Topher Grace) appears as the main antagonist of the 2007 film Spider-Man 3. Topher Grace reprises his role in the video game.
    • Venom (Tom Hardy) appears as the central character of the 2018 film Venom as the first installment of Sony's Marvel Universe.

    In Games


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