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    Mr. Fantastic

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    Reed Richards, one of the founding members of the Fantastic Four, can stretch any part of his body. Any part. He was played by Ioan Gruffudd and Miles Teller in various films.

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    Reed Richards is one of the smartest humans on the planet, possessing knowledge of everything from mechanical engineering to alien biology. After leading Sue, Johnny and Ben into a date with cosmic radiation during a flight into space, he also gained the power of elasticity and the ability to stretch and twist his body into any size or shape. He and his fellow shipmates decided to form the Fantastic Four with their newfound powers, taking on extraterrestrial villains from the Skrull Empire to the Sub-Mariner. In several videogames, Reed Richards usually takes on his "Mr. Fantastic" alter-ego, the superhero who leads the Fantastic Four.

    Fantastic Four games

    Mr. Fantastic was a playable character in video games featuring the Fantastic Four group.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance

    In both games, Mr. Fantastic is a playable character, using his powers to hit enemies faster and farther away than other melee-based heroes. In the second game, echoing Marvel's Civil War story-arc, Mr. Fantastic is locked into the pro-Registration side, meaning he will be an ally or an enemy depending on your choice after Act 2 of the game.


    As the Fantastic Four are friends of Spider-Man, Mr. Fantastic has appeared in some Spider-Man games like Web of Shadows and the Spider-Man game based off the 90's animated series, but only in cameo roles.

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