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    Captain Marvel

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    Carol Danvers is a superhero in Marvel Comics, currently known as Captain Marvel. She is half human and half Kree, one of the alien species of the Marvel Universe.

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    Her history as a fighter and someone who has a will to do what she dreams of comes from her strong personality. She dreamed of becoming a pilot and had achieved that through hard work and through this, is independent and self-reliant. Her achievement in becoming editor-in-chief and selling a successful novel comes from being self-reliant and independent. From being editor-in-chief, she has proven to become successful in the male dominated industry of journalism and through this, has proven to be able to manage a newspaper team. In this sense, she is a feminist and has challenged many men, including Captain America in his views and is quite confrontational if someone crosses her line. Through this ability of hers to achieve, she is strong willed and this is why she has been able to achieve her career as a pilot and an editor, even though she has had many tragedies that could easily break down someone without a will like hers. She will fight to the end and has a warrior’s will and because of tragedies, she has proven to be quite resistant to mental domination. However, she has resorted to alcohol when her life had gone down the drain. Events like Captain Mar-vell’s death and losing her powers to Rogue have turned her to become an alcoholic. Because Rogue had absorbed all her powers, this included the absorbing of memories with her friends and family. She still knew who her friends and family were, but felt nothing for them. It was then Professor X who has restored her memories and finds it difficult and awkward to talk with those who she was once close with. To note, this kind of emotional disconnection is not because of her independence, but her memory loss because of Rogue. However, her military training will say otherwise. Sometimes she has had to make choices that were seen as cold and uncaring. Through this though, she has been trained to think fast in how to deal with emergency situations. She is perhaps seen as outspoken as she is very direct and assertive.

    • Height: 5' 11"
    • Weight: 120 lbs.
    • Hair: Blonde
    • Eyes: Blue

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