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    Conan the Barbarian, created by Robert E. Howard, has been in many games over the years.

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    Conan first appeared in the short story "The Phoenix on the Sword" in 1932. It was written by pulp writer Robert E. Howard. Although he had written many of tales, Conan became Howard's most enduring and popular character.

    The Conan stories take place in a time known as the Hyborian Age. This is sort of a pre-history combination of Europe, Africa and Asia. As such, all the lands and races of Hyboria are based on real cultures and civilizations and have real-world counterparts.

    While the Conan tales were not written in chronological order, the details of Conan's life can still be pieced together. Conan is a barbarian from the land of Cimmeria. At an early age he leaves Cimmeria to explore the lands of Hyboria. Over time he makes his way as a thief, a mercenary, a pirate, a chieftain....all before eventually becoming King of Aquilonia.

    Conan in Games

    Conan has appeared in many games over the years, starting with Conan: Hall of Volta.

    Original Conan Stories by Robert E. Howard

    • The Phoenix on the Sword
    • The Scarlet Citadel
    • The Tower of the Elephant
    • Black Colossus
    • Xuthal of the Dusk
    • The Pool of the Black One
    • Rogues in the House
    • Queen of the Black Coast
    • The Devil in Iron
    • The People of the Black Circle
    • A Witch Shall Be Born
    • Jewels of Gwahlur
    • Beyond the Black River
    • Man-Eaters of Zamboula
    • The Hour of the Dragon
    • Red Nails
    • The Frost Giant's Daughter
    • The Go in the Bowl
    • The Vale of Lost Women
    • The Black Stranger

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