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    Black Cat

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    Black Cat is a sometimes burglar, sometimes hero, friend and former lover of Spider-Man. She gains her abilities from a combination of magic and science.

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    Born in Queens, New York. She was raised an only child to Walter and Lydia Hardy. Felicia Hardy's father, Walter, was a world-renowned cat burglar. Before being arrested he told her to never settle for second best. Lydia agreed with that sentiment. Taking their words to heart, Felicia resolved to always be the best at anything she did. Whether it was school or sports. She grew fond of activities like cheerleading and gymnastics. When Felicia was 13, her mother told her that Walter had died, which was really a lie to stop Felicia from finding out about her father's illegal profession. A newspaper article told her otherwise and Felicia found out her father, was not the clean-cut businessman he made himself out to be.

    During her freshman year in college she was raped by her boyfriend Ryan. She aggressively trained her body for the single purpose of killing him, no matter the cost. Before she was able to do it however, Ryan was killed in a drunk-driving accident. With her goal now taken away from her she invested her physical prowess into becoming a cat burglar, like her father before her. She first took up the identity and costume of the Black cat, to save her father. But her father died in the same night she met Spider-man and she faked her own death. She felt a connection to Spider-man and seeing her potential for good, Peter did everything he could to get rid of her criminal record.

    The Black Cat saw the opportunity to prove herself after learning that Wilson Fisk controlled an incredibly powerful detonator. The Owl planned to use the weapon to hold New York hostage. Doctor Octopus however, planned to use the weapon to destroy the city altogether. But Felicia was able to use her abilities to steal the item first and protect it from all parties. She gave the detonator to Spider-man and became the target of Doc Ock's revenge. Although Spider-Man was able to tear off his mechanical limbs, Octopus was still able to mentally control them and hold the Black Cat still while his men opened fire. Spider-Man barely got her to the hospital in time and as they operated on the countless gun and knife wounds, Peter realized just how much he cared for Felicia. After she recovered they started dating and soon Peter revealed his identity to her. But Felicia could hardly believe that Peter was just a man beneath the mask and couldn't understand his need for a civilian life. It was comlicated for Peter, but continued the relationship since it was freedom from being the only person to know his secret identity.

    Powers and Abilities

    Felicia was once given a geniune ability to cause "bad luck" by scientists working for the Kingpin through a bargain made with him. This ability allowed her to affect probability fields, which would cause strange events of "bad luck" to occur to enemies. However, this ability was removed from her by Dr. Strange, though the process mutated her body and granted her certain (ironically) feline abilities including superhuman agility, reflexes, infrared vision, and retractable claws. The latter set of these abilities she lost soon afterwards.

    She wears a Black Cat costume that gives her superhuman speed, agility, retractable claws and strength peaking at the human maximum. It also comes with a grappling hook, which she mainly  uses to swing from building to building, like Spider-man. Felicia is a master thief and an expert in several forms of Martial arts. She has trained her body to the level of an all-around olympic-level competitor. Needless to say, her work as a high-class thief makes her a very rich woman. Riches she uses to fund the gadgets and customes she uses. She is also an expert in the art of seduction and has used it on multiple occasions to have her opponents drop their guard.

    She has an extremely strong will and the determination to see things through till the end. She is very cunning and intellectual as well.


    Spider-Man: So, skin-tight leather. Doesn't that kinda chafe?
    Black Cat: You'll never find out, that's for sure.

    Black Cat: [to Spider-Man] You've got moves... for a dork in tights. 
    Spider-Man: She says no woman with a chest like yours should be able to move as fast as you do!
    Black Cat: Tell her they act as ballast!
    Spider-Man: I will!

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