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    Mac Gargan

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    Scorpion is a nemesis of Spider-Man. He was once private investigator Mac Gargan, until J. Jonah Jameson hired him to be the subject of an experiment that gave him immense strength, a costume with a tail that fires lasers, and the deep-down crazies. He was the third Venom.

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    Scorpion is a Marvel Comics villain and an adversary of Spider-Man.  He is known for his full-body suit with a large scorpion tail and immense strength.  He was also, for a time, the third person to become Venom after bonding with the symbiote.


     Not one of Jameson's brighter ideas.
     Not one of Jameson's brighter ideas.
    Private investigator Mac Gargan was initially hired by Daily Bugle editor-in-chief/hater of Spider-Man J. Jonah Jameson in order to find out how the photographer Peter Parker was able to come up with so many great pictures of the wall crawler.  The average human Gargan, however, had no chance of catching Spider-Man, and so Jameson upped the ante by paying to have the investigator put through an experimental treatment that would make him superhuman.
    The end result was the creation of the Scorpion; a man with superhuman strength and abilities and a suit with a multi-purpose scorpion's tail.  However, the experiments that gave Gargan his new abilities also drove him insane, and as a result he turned to a life of crime.

    In Video Games

    Scorpion has appeared in numerous Spider-Man video games over the years, most frequently as a boss encounter.  He has also appeared in games based on properties he was never actually a part of; in Spider-Man: The Movie and Spider-Man 3, games based on their respective motion pictures, he appears as a boss fight despite not being a part of either film's cast.

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