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    Abyss is the final boss in Marvel vs Capcom 2. He has three forms including a giant black statue man, a green ghost-like man, and a giant lava monster.

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    Little is known about the origins of Abyss. The first records of his existence come from the wind that he blew across Earth, killing all plant life it touched. The incredible destruction caused heroes and villains to team up and research the cause.

    Fighting Style

    Abyss has three physical forms, which he changes between in the final battle of Marvel vs. Capcom 2. The first form, which is pictured on the right, has attacks that range from a charging tackle, a blue beam, and a brief storm of green stuff. In this form, Abyss doesn't block and moves slowly. Once the first form is defeated, a second human-shaped form appears, which is green and slimy. This second form has a close-range blue flame attack, a multi-hit beam, green bubbles that freeze players if touched, a storm-like super, and the ability to teleport. Like the first form, this form barely moves and never blocks. The third form of Abyss is a huge lava monster that spits flames from the ground and the air. It can be damaged by hitting the monster and hitting a black ball when the big monster is not visible.


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