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    Lightning Bolt

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    Traditionally, lightning is a form of electrical discharge originating within clouds. Within video games, lightning can be used as an offensive attack.

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    A lightning bolt is used to describe when someone or something uses lightning to attack someone. It been seen in several games, including action, adventure, and RPGs. It can be shot from a weapon, summoned from the sky, or just used to electrify opponents.

    Mario Kart Franchise

    The Mario Kart Lightning Bolt is a special item that can appear in the item boxes on the racetrack. Activating the Lightning Bolt cause all other racers to shrink, making them easy to run over. The Lightning Bolt is a very powerful item, so it tends to appear only for racers who are closer to the back of the pack; that way, a low-placed driver can advance closer to the front of the pack. The Lightning Bolt first appeared in Super Mario Kart for the SNES, and has been a standard item in every game since then.


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