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    Dr. Erode

    Character » appears in 2 games

    Dr. Erode is a huge green monster and acts as the final boss in Power Stone 2.

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    Dr. Erode is a giant monster that serves as Power Stone 2's final boss in the arcade mode. The two winning Power Stone combatants from the previous round will face Dr. Erode at his fortress. Before the fighters meet Dr. Erode face-to-face, they must get through his chambers of bodyguards. Once they arrive to see Dr. Erode, he makes a brief speech and holds a dark power stone on his right hand before engaging in battle. He is given the nickname "Corrupt Emperor."


    Before the fighters get to face Dr. Erode, they must first defeat/survive his bodyguards that serve as gatekeepers. The bodyguards consist of polygon fighters of different sizes. They primarily attack with equipped weapons against the fighters. Each oncoming chamber increases the number and difficulty of the bodyguards, including giant variants of them toward the final chambers. The fighters do not have to defeat all the bodyguards to advance as each chamber is limited to a certain amount of time before they proceed to the next chamber.

    Dr. Erode Stage

    Once the fighters survive going through his bodyguard chambers, they will jump up a set of stairs and finally meet Dr. Erode face-to-face. The fighters battle him on what seems to be his dinner table with a plate, a cup, a fork, spice shakers, and pieces of fruit. Dr. Erode stands stationary at the central-back area of the stage, but has a variety of attacks that covers the entire table to combat the fighters.


    Bees: Dr. Erode will summon a horde of bees to go after the fighters.

    Fork: Dr. Erode will grab a fork from the table and attacks the fighters with it. When Dr. Erode raises his fork, an arrow will be shown that will tell the fighters where he is aiming the fork toward a particular spot of the stage.

    Grab: Dr. Erode will swing one of his arms in an attempt to grab a fighter. If he successfully grabs the fighter, he chomps on them a few times, dealing significant damage.

    Lighting: Dr. Erode exudes a lighting charge from one or both of his hands down to the stage.

    Poison: Dr. Erode will take a sip from his cup and later spits it out to the stage as poison.

    Time Out (Instant Defeat): If the fighters do not defeat Dr. Erode within the allotted time, he will shower the stage with a lighting attack to instantly defeat the fighters.

    Weak Points

    Dr. Erode has two weak points, his head and his heart.

    Head: Due to the head located high off the stage, the only methods the fighters can go about to attack the head is by using the items on the stage or by using Power Fusion attacks.

    Heart: If the fighters inflict a ton of damage to Dr. Erode's head in a short period of time, he will temporarily be knocked out and his heart, which pops out from his cheat will be exposed. Attacking the heart will deal massive amounts of damage to Dr. Erode. After a few seconds, the heart pop back into his chest and Dr. Erode recovers to commence his attack.

    Battle End

    Victorious: Dr. Erode collapses in defeat and his castle starts to crumble as a result. The victorious fighters escape the crumbing floating castle in Falcon's plane, one fighter piloting the plane while the second fighter holds onto the plane's tail, with the Power Stones following the plane.

    Defeated: The defeated fighters can decide to continue and retry the battle back at the beginning of the stage where they have to go through the bodyguards, or not continue to end their game.


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