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    Fourth generation electric-type Pokemon created as an evolution of the classic Electabuzz.

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    National Pokedex No: #466 
    Classification: Thunderbolt Pokémon
    Type: Electric
    Ability: Motor Drive
    Height: 5'11''
    Weight: 305.6 lbs
    None, evolve Electabuzz.
    Evolves at: n/a
    They can be found in diferent places like dark dense forests, complex power plants and atop of cliffs and mountains. 

    Evolutionary Chain

    Elekid (level 30) --> Electabuzz (trade with electrizer) --> Electivire 

    Pokedex Entry

    Diamond/Pearl: It pushes the tip of its two tails against the foe, the lets loose with over 20,000 volts of power. 
    Platinum: Heedless of enemy attacks, it closes in, shoves its tails onto the foe, then looses high voltage. 
    HeartGold/ SoulSilver: As its electric charge amplifies, blue sparks begin to crackle between its horns.


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