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    989 Studios was a division of Sony Computer Entertainment of America that developed titles for PlayStation and Windows. Their most notable titles are Twisted Metal 4, Jet Moto, and the sports franchises of NFL GameDay, NHL FaceOff, NBA ShootOut, and NCAA GameBreaker.

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    CSG Imagesoft to Sony Imagesoft

    Originally established in 1989 as CSG Imagesoft. When Sony was first making its foray into video games, it needed development studios. They bought CSG Imagesoft and renamed the studio to Sony Imagesoft. During this period the company developed and published a wide array of games.

    Sony Interactive Studios America to 989 Studios and Present

    In late 1995 Sony Imagesoft was merged with another of Sony's in-house developers and renamed to Sony Interactive Studios America. In April 1998, Sony renamed the studio yet again to its final moniker, 989 Studios. 989 Studios seemed to act as a catch all for Sony and the label was mostly used for publishing, although they developed many titles including most of Sony's sports games as well as Twisted Metal III and 4. 989 Studios is no longer a development house, instead it was merged with Red Zone Games in 2001 around the launch of the PS2, and became SCE Studios San Diego.


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