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    New York

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    New York is the third most populous state in the United States of America. In 1788, it became the eleventh state to join the Union.

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    New York is a state in the Northeastern side of the USA. The third most populous state, New York is bordered by New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. New York City, with 8,000,000 people, is the most populous city in the United States.Was originally a Dutch colony before ceding control to the British under the threat of violence.The state also played a major part in the Revolutionary war, as the Sons of Liberty were settled there, and it was a refuge for many other rebels trying to escape the British.

    New York is also the home of various landmarks ranging from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France reflecting the close ties between the two nations.In recent years New York has played a vital role in world events,from being the first headquarters of the League of Nations after World War I and later the UN,to the bombings of the World Trade Center in 2001.

    New York is also considered the cultural mecca of the country,if not arguably the world,featuring the likes of Broadway and serving as the home of countless renowned musicians,actors,and artistic movements including punk rock,hip hop,and street art,to name a few.

    It also serves as a location of various video games,in particular,the vast majority of sports titles released as well as several of the Spider-Man games.

    New York in Video Games

    New York as a state is not very common in video games. Games tend to focus on one particular aspect of the state, New York City. This can be explained by the fact that it's a big, exotic city full of skyscrapers, things to do and crime.

    Most video games set in New York focus around two things: organized crimes or some sort of invasion. New York City used to have one of the highest crime rates in America and this has inspired many publishers to make games centered around crime set in the Big Apple. In entertainment however, one popular theme that sticks to New York is invasions. There is nothing more spectacular than having to defend NY from impending doom at the hands of aliens or communists.

    New York is also a popular locale for car games and super hero games (only when the fiction allows it though).

    Major Cities

    (Numbers in Parentheses equal residents residing there).

    1. New York City (8,274,527)
    2. Buffalo (279,745)
    3. Rochester (211,091)
    4. Yonkers (196,425)
    5. Syracuse (141,683)
    6. Albany (93,523)
    7. New Rochelle (72,967)
    8. Mount Vernon (67,924)
    9. Schenectady (61,280)
    10. Utica (59,336)

    Sports teams


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