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    Empire Bay

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    Empire Bay is the fictional east coast city featured in Mafia II.

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    Empire Bay is a major location featured in Mafia II.

    Located on the east coast, Empire Bay is a large city located on an estuary in New York state.

    Mafia II

    After being injured in action during World War II, Vito Scaletta is temporarily discharged and returns back to Empire Bay to the welcoming embrace of Joe Barbaro. The two drive to a nearby bar for a drink, where Vito reveals that he will soon be sent back to fight in the war. Joe phones a local contact to forge permanent discharge papers for Vito, and Joe informs Vito that he will not have to fight in the war. As a result, Vito thanks Joe for this before getting a taxi back home to visit his mother and sister.


    Empire Bay's design is primarily based on mid 20th century New York City, Chicago and Detroit.

    During the first few chapters which feature Empire Bay during World War II, the city is going through a cold winter period, including heavy snowfall. When Vito is arrested and returns to the city in the 1950s, Empire Bay is bright and sunny during spring and summertime.

    The city's large criminal underworld is controlled by the Vinci, Falcone & Clemente crime families; the Greasers, Irish Mob and other small gangs also roam the neighborhoods.



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