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    N₂O Nitrous Oxide

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jun 30, 1998

    Nitrous Oxide is a shooter from Gremlin Interactive Ltd. released for the PlayStation in 1998

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    Nitrous Oxide is a shooter from Gremlin Interactive Ltd. released for the PlayStation in 1998.

    Published by Fox Interactive N2O: Nitrous Oxide is a shooter with psychedelic aesthetics released for the PlayStation in 1998. Although it could be seen as a drug allusion, with the design style and music mirroring 90's club culture, the title also refers to the use of N20 in internal combustion engines to temporarily add extra power.


    Gameplay was comprised of piloting a craft down a stage, shooting insect-like creatures while gaining power-ups and collecting coins. The stages were usually tunnel-shaped, enabling full 360 degree of movement around the cylindrical walls, while others were a track that contorted and swayed. The soundtrack contains music by The Crystal Method. Although some tracks were Crystal Method songs remixed by other artists, the majority of the music was lifted from their 1997 debut album, Vegas. The graphics were influenced by the beat of the music in some stages, often causing colorful light to pulsate down the tubes in time with the background tune.

    With mixed reactions from critics and mediocre sales, N2O: Nitrous Oxide quickly became a bargain bin title. The game is an interesting take on the shoot-em-up genre as well as an interesting use of a soundtrack.


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