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    A Bug's Life

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Nov 18, 1998

    A Bug's Life is a platformer aimed at young children based on the Pixar movie of the same name.

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    A Bug's Life is a video game adaptation of the hit Pixar movie by the same name. It tries to appeal to a very young audience with its extremely simplistic gameplay and bright, colorful graphics. It was released on the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, PC, and Game Boy Color.

    Gameplay (PSX, N64, PC)

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    Each game level begins with either a still or clip from the movie depending on what version of the game is being played. The player is then given control over the main character ' Flik' and the level begins. The general purpose of the levels are to collect items, avoid or fight enemies, and use the seeds and plants around the environment to navigate the way to the end.

    The game features a unique seed mechanic where players were able to move around seeds and change their color, effectively influencing what grows from the seed allowing access to hidden items and previously unreachable areas.

    The items collected are not needed for the player to continue to the next level, however they usually grant the player benefits such as extra lives if all four of the letters that make up Flik's name are found.

    Flik has two main attacks in the game. While jumping in the air, he can stomp the ground similar to the attack in Mario 64. As well as that, he has a limitless supply of berries that can be upgraded and changed throughout the level. Some enemies can simply not be harmed and have to be avoided. An example would be the bird which in one level, as in the movie, chases Flik through a labyrinth series of cracks in the dirt.

    Platform Differences

    A memorable sequence in the game featured Flik using dandelions to glide across a level
    A memorable sequence in the game featured Flik using dandelions to glide across a level

    All versions of the game except for the Game Boy Color version are the same game apart from some cosmetic differences.

    No version features in game cut scenes choosing to instead use clips from the movie to set up the premise for each level.The Nintendo 64 version did not feature these however due to its cartridge based format. Instead they relied on a still from the movie before each level with a short sentence describing what was happening.

    The Game Boy Color version was a simple 2D platform game that offered a little more challenge to the older audience than its 3D counterparts did.


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