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Shining Force III was created for the Sega Saturn by Camelot Software Planning. It was originally designed to be a trilogy, split into three different games, each game taking on the perspective of a major character. Shining Force III was thus known as 'Scenario One - God Warrior of the Kingdom' and focused on the journey of Synbios and the struggles of the Republic of Aspinia. Scenario Two - 'Target: Child of God' showed the game from the perspective of Prince Medion and the struggles of the Empire of Destonia. Scenario Three - 'Bulzome Rising' was a continuation of the character of Julian the mercenary, and was the definitive ending to the trilogy, rather than simply a different view point. All three games were released in Japan, but within the United States and Europe, only Scenario One was released.

Shining Force III Scenario One took the series into a 3D world, but with the same isometric strategic battle system as the older MegaDrive/Genesis games. Other familiar elements are also included, such as the class level up system and hidden unlockable characters. Characters from Scenario One can also be found for use in Scenario Two, although this was obviously only important for the Japanese version of the game.

Premium Disc

 The Premium Disc
 The Premium Disc
This bonus disc was only available in Japan to customers who has bought all 3 scenarios of Shining Force III. The disc contains videos, music artwork etc. used in the development of the game. Additionally, the disc contains a mini-game where the player can form a team of characters from the 3 scenarios and battle against varying enemies.

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