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    Red Storm Entertainment, Inc.

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    Red Storm Entertainment is a game development company and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ubisoft. Their work is mainly based on the writing of Tom Clancy. They were founded in 1996 as part of VirtusCorporation.

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    In 1996, Tom Clancy decided to make a multimedia company. He went to long time friend, Doug Littlejohns for help. Littlejohns then became president and CEO of Red Storm.

    Red Storm Entertainment (from here on, RSE) released their first game in 1997, "Tom Clancy's Politika". They also quickly released one of the first 3D Real Time Strategy games, "Dominant Species".

    In 1998, RSE became widely known with their release of "Rainbow Six", the first tactical FPS in history. Though it was not based on a previous Tom Clancy book, one was released only weeks later. The game was followed by the "Eagle Watch" mission pack.

    In 2000, RSE solidified its position in the market with "Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear", which was also followed by two mission packs, "Urban Operations" and "Black Thorn". They also expanded into the turn based and military-real time strategy genres, with "Shadow Watch" and "Force 21" respectively.

    Later in 2000, the studio was purchased by Ubisoft Entertainment. RSE would soon release its first in-house console developed game, "Ghost Recon", which essentially took the tactical shooter gameplay of Rainbow Six, and applied it to a near future territorial conflict in the Caucasus. It was also the first full fledged Xbox LIVE game to take advantage of all its features.

    In 2003 Ubisoft decided to integrate "Sinister Games" into RSE, keeping the headquarters in Morrisville.

    In 2004, Ubisoft signaled their desire to shift RSE to console focused development with the release of "Ghost Recon 2", which was the first RSE game not released on PC. Ghost Recon 2 was also one of the first console games to make downloadable content available. The game was followed by the add-on "Summit Strike".

    Most recently, RSE has been tasked with the development of the multiplayer portions of "Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter" and "Ghost Recon Future Soldier".


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