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    Space Station Silicon Valley

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Oct 21, 1998

    Rockstar North's cosmic adventure involves playing the role of a number of different cyborg-animals in order to stop a space station from crashing into Earth.

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    Space Station Silicon Valley is a platformer for the Nintendo 64 released October 1, 1998 in the US. The game was developed by a Scottish studio once known as DMA Design, which was then acquired by Rockstar, and is now known as Rockstar North. The game was critically acclaimed, acheiving praise from many. The game is also well known for negative reasons, as the game had a number of game breaking glitches in it. The game later made a trip to the Game Boy Color, and was ported to the PlayStation under the name Evo's Space Adventures.


    In the year 3000 the Space Station Silicon Valley has returned, thought to be lost forever. The station was designed to be a technologically advanced theme park. Upon its arrival, Professor Cheese, designer of the station, has gone missing. Danger Dan and his partner Evo, two heroes for hire, are sent off to investigate this catastrophe. They discover that animals have merged with technology, and that the station is on a collision course with Earth.


    The player controls Evo, a robot who is nothing more than a microchip after an accident in the beginning of the game. Evo can enter the bodies of many animals on the space station, and utilize their abilities to complete his objectives and solve puzzles in order to progress. Each animal has its own unique abilities, which allows the gameplay to change from animal to animal. Missions are assigned by Dan, who is trapped in the ship. As the player goes through the game's many levels, they will reassemble Evo by collecting pieces of his body.

    Zones and Levels

    The Ice Zone
    The Ice Zone

    There are four different zones contained within the space station each with a varying amount of levels. Each zone also has a specific theme of animals that EVO can inhabit. The first zone is the European Zone, and it contains animals that may be found on a farm or countryside. The second is the Ice Zone, which has animals that would be found in arctic regions of the world. The third is the Jungle Zone, which again contains animals indigenous to a jungle type environment. The fourth is the Desert Zone, and this also contains animals found in a desert environment. There are other secret types of levels in the game that can be unlocked upon completing the other zones.


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