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Story Introduction

It is the Year 106AD and the Roman Empire is in a state of decline. The much liked Emperor Trajan has been mysteriously killed and the hated Arruntius has declared himself Emperor. While the kingdom is suffering from famine and plague the Emperor lives a lavish lifestyle.

You play Invictus Thrax, a slave who rose to become the greatest gladiator, and was promised freedom by the former Emperor. You must avenge Trajan's death and restore Rome to her former glory, wherever the Gods may take you.


  • An epic story where you invoke the Power of the Gods
  • Over 60 different death blows
  • High impact combo attacks
  • Fight multiple opponents simultaneously to improve your arsenal


Roman Gladiators

There are three classes of Roman Gladiators within the game. Each class has 5 different levels and a champion version.


Translates to 'Chaser'. The Secutor often leaves his torso and legs bare. They have round of high vizored helmets and a large shield.
Armed with an infantry sword they are surprisingly adept regardless of severely limited hearing and vision.


A heavily armoured gladiator, they wield a two-handed axe which combined with their huge size can be devastating.


This is tranlsated to 'two-dagger men', they wield dual falcate swords. They are heavily favoured by Emperor Arruntius.


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