PS2 collection.

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  • Played it to 100% completion, without fucking cheats, yay. I will never not be proud of that.

    Took me around 90 hours to do it, although maybe 15 of those hours were just me fucking around the city 'cause you know... it's a GTA game. It is required by the law that you cause some chaos.

  • Not the biggest fan of the franchise but damn, I love this game. It was one of the first PS2 games that I got and I played it countless times over the course of the years, including a playthrough in professional mode (fuck Krauser, by the way). I also beat the Ava stories but I avoided The Mercenaries because I'm not the biggest fan of time attack modes.

    It just has a special place in my heart, and the Regeneradores have a special place in my nightmares.

  • I love greek mythology ever since I was a kid, so when I found out there was a game where you could fight not only against hydras, minotaurs and cyclops, but against the gods of the Olympus themselves, I had to fucking get it.

    I beat it like three times, including once in god mode. I also wanted to finish the arena mode, but beating Ares in the hardest difficulty drained of all my energy. Beating up gods is hard work man...

  • You know, I feel really close to Kratos after beating this. I mean, we both spend some time in hell at one point in our lives. Him, when he literally died and was sent to the Underworld, and me, while I was trying to beat this piece of shit on Titan difficulty.

    It was sooo fucking hard. It took me months to do it because I kept getting stuck over and over. There were so many difficult sections that I don't even remember them all. I think my brain blocked them to conserve my sanity.

    The one that will always be burned in my memory however, was the battle against Theseus. It was one of most excruciatingly difficult moments I've ever faced in a videogame. It actually seemed impossible. Go look it up on YouTube if you are on the mood for getting stressed out.

    Anyway, even though it was nerve-wrackingily difficult, the feeling of accomplishment after beating it made it all worth it.

    I still have to beat God of War 3... I hope that's not so terrible...

  • I love this game only because of the combo system. The long chains of attacks mixed with the slow motion effects were so satisfying to pull off.

    It gets kind of repetitive after a while and some missions can be frustrating but I still love it.

  • I can't remember anything too specific about this game, other than I played it after having played The Two Thrones and it still held up pretty well. Maybe the controls and graphics were not AS good but it didn't affect the game that much.

    There were some sections where you had to beat a horde of enemies before moving on and I remember them being pretty frustrating, but aside from that it was a pretty entertaining game.

  • I am not very fond of this game because a bug halfway through made me have to start it all over again. I still liked it, but having to play the first half of the game twice was bullshit.

    I really liked the change from stealth to full-out action, it added some variety to the trilogy. And the soundtrack was fucking amazing (Godsmack baby!).

  • My favorite one of the franchise. It has the tightest controls and in my opinion the most engaging story. The Dark Prince sections were kind of tedious but the rest of the game was fantastic.

  • One of my favorite fighting games of all time. It's really frenetic and fast paced and it has a great variety of combos and attacks. Every character can trigger at least three different animations and it makes you wanna try them all to see what they can do.

    I played it for countless hours against friends, and I also soaked quite a few hours on the single player mode by myself.

    It's probably the only fighting game that I'm good at, it's a shame that not a lot of people play it anymore... sigh...

  • Another great fighting game but a little bit too complex for my taste. It captures the nature of the series' fights: quick punches and kicks, shit flying everywhere and people teleporting all the time, but for the same reason there's a shit-ton of combos and abilities that you have to learn and it gets really complicated. If you practice you can pull them off but I did not want to invest that much time into it.

    Still, the game is really good, and I played it quite a bit against friends and by myself.

    I even tried to beat the Mission 100 mode. I failed though. Miserably. I got to around level 60 and then quit, it was way too complicated. I tried one of the last stages just for fun and SSJ4 Gogeta murdered my entire team. It didn't turned out fun, at all...

  • I understand why this game was great when it first came out but god, I played it in 2014 and the controls made it impossible to get into it. They were clunky as fuck, and they made the whole game really frustrating, specially the fighting sections.

    I was so pissed off about this that I ended up not giving a fuck about the princess, thus making the main objective of saving her really boring and pointless.

    I see the reasons why the game is good, especially for its time, but the outdated controls ruined it for me.

  • Fucking masterpiece. Right fucking here.

    One of my two favorite games of the PS2 (along with Persona 3) and one of my favorite games of all time. There's nothing I don't like about it. I've beaten every single aspect of it and I played it around six times and I just can't get bored of it.

    The story is fantastic and it gets more and more interesting as it goes on; the characters are few but they are endearing and you truly care about their fates; the gameplay is addicting and original; the graphics are gorgeous for the most part, the landscapes and the colossus are breathtaking; and the soundtrack is outstanding, it's impossible not to get chills every time you listen to it... Put all of this together and you get the fucking work of art that is Shadow of the Colossus.

    I think everyone that enjoys video games should play this at least once. If you are not convinced, look up the fight against the fifth colossus and you will be instantly convinced. I promise you.

    You will also get a sudden urge to go hang gliding, weird...

  • One of the many God of War clones. It's a fun game, but kind of short and way more repetitive than Kratos' counterpart. The motorcycle sections add some fresh air but I remember some of them being really frustrating. Anyway, fun stuff, for the 6 hours it lasts at least.

  • Really entertaining game, maybe my favorite of the franchise (at least of the ones I've played). I especially enjoyed the diverse locations you would visit throughout the game, it didn't get boring at any point.

    - Update: I played Tomb Raider (2013) and now that's my favorite of the franchise. Sorry Legend, we can still be friends.

  • Pretty good but not as good as its predecessor. I can't remember too much about it though... One day I put the disk on the drive thinking "I'm gonna finish this game up, I think I was near the end", and apparently I had already beaten it. I don't even remember the last boss...

    Oh well, I guess it was fun, just nothing too spectacular.

  • I loved Pro Skater 2 on the PS1, and thought I would love this one too, and even though I enjoyed it, it wasn't nearly as entertaining as the first one. I spent the whole playthrough trying to figure out the reason but I couldn't put my finger on it.

    It's still a good game, but I wanted to enjoy it way more than I did. At least I got to make my character look like Walter White, that was 30% of the fun of the game.

  • Entertaining at first, repetitive as fuck after a while. Specially the combat; I hated it in the last stages. I ended up using a walkthrough because I was getting really bored and I only wanted to finish the game.

  • I'm not a very big fan of the series, so I was mostly playing to unlock all the characters. I enjoyed the game, but I didn't bother mastering the combat system or putting too much time into it.

    I also beat the new adventure mode where you play as Jim. It was fun at first but holy fuck it got dull after a while.

  • This is one the few racing games I've ever beaten. It was pretty good, although I nearly smashed my controller trying to beat the final boss.

  • This game is... weird. I played it when I was kid and it was the best thing ever, then I played it again and I beat it years later and it wasn't nearly as good. It's innovative at first but it is way too long for the kind of game it is.

    Also the ending is really fucked up. You throw the "main villain" of the game into a giant meat grinder and you turn her into dog food. I'm not fucking kidding, look it up on YouTube. Some psychiatrists probably made a fortune out of the poor kids that finished this game.

  • Awesome game. Great story, music and graphics, extremely fun gameplay and plenty of shit to do aside from the storyline.

    It was probably the easiest Rockstar game to one hundred percent though. There was nothing really too challenging about it, not that I remember at least. The sad part was that there was something wrong with my save file and the bouncy ball that you unlock after you get all the blue elastic bands didn't work. I could see it in my inventory but I could not use it. It was a shame, messing around with that shit was so much fun.

  • I played it after having played Blood Money and it really showed its weak points. I enjoyed it but if I had played it first it would have been way better.

  • Same thing as Silent Assassin, although I enjoyed this one even less. I'm not sure why.

  • Now we are talking. This game is so good. I think the replay value is its strongest point; you can play every mission stealthy or going full Rambo on everyone's ass. Plus you have many different ways to beat each level if you decide to go for stealth.

    All the different ways to finish every level make the game extremely fun.

  • Fun game. You can walk all around Hogwarts and discover all sorts of shit, and you can play chess and gobstones against students from every house. Cool stuff.

    I also really enjoyed the "throwing spells by moving the analog stick" mechanic, it was really well implemented.

  • Not as good as its predecessor. It's not bad, but there was something about it that didn't appeal to me as much. Also the Quidditch sections were really dull.

  • The first couple of matches you play are really fun, then it gets really repetitive. I think it was a great idea to make a game about Quidditch since there's so much backstory about it and so many elements you can bring into the game, but the gameplay wasn't entertaining enough to keep you playing for as long as the game required.

    I unlocked every team and then abandoned it, and it still got pretty dull.

  • It's short and the combat system is really basic but it wasn't a bad game.

    Also, I think the grid system that you had to rearrange every couple of levels to improve your character was a pretty cool concept.

  • It's really short (around 4 and half hours), the graphics and sound are really outdated and the story is a mess but for some reason, I kind of enjoyed it. I really don't know why. Walking around the city while all the buildings were crumbling down was entertaining for some reason.

  • I played it in co-op mode with some friends and it was fun. Specially when someone played with Batman because he couldn't fly and you could make fun of him.

    Zatana was my favorite character though. Her abilities led to some really fun teamwork situations.

    So yeah, fun game. Some more variety on the enemies and missions would've been nice, but oh well. The co-op mode saved it after all.

  • For some reason, western settings in videogames kind of bore me, so I didn't enjoy this game as much as other people did. I mean it was fun and the story was interesting but something about it just didn't appeal to me. I don't really know what it was.

  • One of the most boring and repetitive FPS I've ever played. The enemies are basically the same throughout the whole game, the levels are uninteresting and boring, the weapons are all very similar and you end up using only two of them, and the innovative controls they tried with the sniper rifle did not work at all.

    Not only that but the story and the characters were not that interesting either, and the frame rate kept constantly dropping. It doesn't have any redeeming qualities, and the worst part is that I was led to believe that it was a really good game. I was so dissapointed...

  • Interesting game. The combination of weapons with psychic powers was well implemented, and although the gameplay got kind of repetitive at some points it didn't affect the game that much.

    Also the story was surprisingly good, and the way it was told in a non-linear fashion made it even more interesting.

  • Three hours. That's how long it took me to complete this. The gameplay was really repetitive, the story was cheesy, predictable and boring and the voice acting didn't help at all, but still. It was really fucking short.

    The gameplay is not TERRIBLE at least, that's the only thing the game has going for it.

    I wondered why there was barely any information about this game online, and when I finally played it I understood...

  • HOLY FUCK THIS GAME IS FRUSTRATING. I mean, it's good, but it's so goddamn hard. The last stage was a complete torture and the last piece of shit of a boss made me bite and almost break my controller. There's still a dent made by my teeth in the plastic, like a constant reminder every time I grab that joystick of how difficult that guy was.

    Most of the time it's not "cheap hard", the controls are pretty solid and you can move through the level comfortably.

    However... the camera is terrible. It completely ruins the game on ocassions. It can get on weird angles and get you killed after all the effort of going through a no checkpoint stage.

    One of the boss fights was set in a narrow hallway, with that camera... oh dear... I still have nightmares about it.

  • I honestly have no idea why I finished this game. Seriously. It was a time when I was kind of obsessed with finishing every game that I had so I kept playing it but holy shit, it's fucking awful.

    I think I LITERALLY spent more time on the charge screen than playing the actual game (I started watching Dexter while it charged after a while). It's completely ridiculous.

    Also, you can play the first three stages and already know the entire game. Really. It doesn't fucking change. You do the same thing over and over again on SLIGHTLY different levels and every once in a while you can improve your character stats, but that's it.

    Terrible, just terrible...

  • Fun at first, boring and dull after a while. There was something about the level design that threw me off every time that I played. And it was way too fucking long for what the game had to offer.

  • This game could have been really good, the premise sounds interesting at least: you are a samurai who has lost his soul and has to accomplish different sorts of missions in order to gain information of how to recover it.

    Not bad so far, but the rest of the game, man... it's terrible. The levels are dull and reused way more than they should be and the controls are clunky as fuck. Sneaking up on enemies without being discovered is pretty much impossible, which makes the stealth sections of this STEALTH game don't work at all. Wait, something doesn't add up here...

    After you realise you can't sneak up on anyone, the other option you have is to go and openly fight them, but surprise surprise, the melee controls are also terrible.

    So what do you do? You run around the entire stage, completing the repetitive objectives, with a group of enemies running behind you the entire time. That's what this game is about.

    So yeah it's terrible. They should rename it to 'Shinobido: Catch Me If You Can"... hehe... get it? Because you run around trying to... ok ok, I'll see myself out.

  • A GTA clone where you play as Tony fucking Montana? Sing me the fuck in.

    The fact that the main voice actor does a perfect impression of Al Pacino is reason enough to play this game. "You got the money, I got the yayo". Seriously.

    On top of that, you've got a really well made sandbox game with plenty of places to explore, sidequests to do, places to buy and mantain and drugs to sell. What else do you need?

  • Pretty cool game. I was fucking terrified the first time that I played it, and although you kind of get used to the atmosphere after a while, it's still really creepy.

    One thing I hated though was the fact that every time you reached a new chapter, you woke up in the same mansion with your map completely erased and you had to explore the place all over again. It got really dull after 8 hours to walk around the same location.

  • My favorite game of the franchise. It's the creepiest one and it's got in my opinion the most interesting story. And it improved from the first one in terms of level design, now at least you can walk through an entire town.

  • It has better graphics than the last ones, slightly improved controls and interface, and you switch between your apartment and the haunted mansion which keeps the game from getting stale, but, for some reason, I didn't enjoy it as much as the first ones.

    I probably am already tired of instagraming ghosts. I need to hang up the camera and retire.

  • This game is strange. It has some good gameplay elements and it can get kind of scary in some parts, but I definitely didn't like it.

    The story is uninteresting, together with the cheesiest voice acting and dialogue ever I just couldn't take the it seriously. Also the animations in the cut scenes didn't make any sense, the character movements were all clunky and exaggerated, it was really weird.

  • I expected an average animated movie licensed game and that's exactly what I got. Decent controls, fun gameplay, pretty short but that's no surprise. It's a good game while it lasts.

  • A little bit too long and it ends up becoming repetitive but it's still an entertaining game, specially the first stages.

    I was not on board with the enemies being centipedes though. Those things creep me out, and fighting against giant ones wasn't something I was looking forward to.

  • Meh... I had better expectations for this. It's pretty boring and the lightsaber fights are unnecessarily long and tedious. It's got some fun moments but it could have been way better.

  • Cool game. It has interesting fighting mechanics, and even though I didn't know half the characters, getting to fight as famous rappers was really fun.

    It's been a while since I played it though, I wonder if my hip hop knowledge has improved... I need to replay this again soon.

  • I have mixed feelings about this game. It had a great story, great dialogue, great music and decent graphics for its time, but... a very important aspect was not really good: the gameplay. Holy fuck... it sucked.

    The game was split between shooting and driving sections. The shooting parts could be manageable after you get the hang of the controls but driving parts were unbearable.

    The car controls were really stiff and wonky and it was pretty much impossible to drive without crashing against everything. And don't even think about dodging enemy cars while you were being chased. You pretty much had to take all the bumps and crashes and prey to Buddah that your car wouldn't explode. It was infuriating.

    I did like the direction system by using the blinkers of the cars at first but, after a while I realized that it was really flawed, since the blinkers showed you the general direction you had to go instead of the specific street. It was very imprecise, specially when you had to get into some narrow ass alley that you could not even see.

    So yeah... It tried way too much to be like a movie, and it succeeded in some aspects, specially the soundtrack (the main menu theme song is catchy as fuck). If the gameplay was a little bit more polished it could have been a great game.

  • Decent game. I played it in co-op mode with a friend and it was pretty fun, but I think it would have bored me if I'd played it by myself.

    Each enemy took way too long to kill to the point of becoming tedious.

    But you know, getting to play as Kung Lao since he is my favorite Mortal Kombat character was pretty cool. That was a redeeming point.

  • I love fighting games with plenty of characters to choose and this game excels in that aspect. Together with a great story mode, solid (although a bit slow) fighting mechanics and the character creation mode, makes this one of my favorite games of the franchise.

    Oh, and Taven was fucking overpowered. Playing against someone who played the story mode and knew how to use him was not fun...

  • The only Guitar Hero game that I've ever played but boy did I play it. Using a fricking joystick I beat every song on the story mode up until Knights of Cydonia on the highest difficulty. My fingers weren't fast enough to beat that without the guitar so I considered it my stopping point.

  • Pretty boring game. After a while it just consisted of clicking everywhere on the screen until you found every lead that you needed and then randomly tested them on the lab. You didn't have to put too much thought into it.

  • This game is all right. The gameplay is fun although a bit repetitive and the story is pretty average. Nothing too fancy.

    Also some of the last stages and bosses were really difficult. There were some escort missions that made the game stop being fun at all.

  • Fucking Shadow of Rome man. I love this game so much. It took me forever to beat it though, I got stuck at one of the last bosses and abandoned the game for years (something I don't usually do).

    The story is pretty decent, kind of cheesy dialogue and voice acting but you can look over it. The gameplay is what stands out tough. It has really solid controls and the gladiator fights are brutally violent and immersive. Whenever you have a good set of weapons, you truly feel like a champion slashing enemies left and right while the whole crowd is cheering for you, but you can also feel like an innocent defenseless puppy whenever your weapon breaks and you are left to fight with nothing but your fists.

    You can also chop off enemies' arms or heads and then use them as weapons against them, which I got to admit is pretty fucking sweet.

    The only downside of the game are the stealth sections where you use the blonde guy (whose name I can't remember and I'm too lazy to look up right now). They are not terrible but they are not really well designed and they can get pretty frustrating. Other than that, amazing fucking game.

  • Ok game in every aspect. The checkpoints were too far away from each other and you only fight two bosses throughout the whole game, but apart from that it was pretty decent.

  • This game's physics engine was outstanding for a PS2 game. Nearly everything on the screen could be destroyed. It made the whole experience really immersive and intense.

    My only complain with the game was the lack of enemy variety, but aside from that it's a really fun and amazing looking title.

  • This is my favorite FPS on the PS2 and one of my favorite FPS games in general.

    Lots of levels, great weapon progression, that sweet Havok physics engine that made shooting the hell out of your enemies really satisfying, different and entertaining sub-objectives on every mission...

    Great stuff, just a really fun game all around.

  • I can see this being a good game when it first came out but it didn't really age that well. The controls are clunky (you can't turn mid combo, which is extremely annoying), the camera gets in some really uncomfortable angles, the story is ok but the voice acting is below average and the dialogue is extremely cheesy, the soundtrack is not bad but some songs feel really misplaced and the enemies are repetitive and boring.

    Despite all of this it's not a terrible game, at least the boss fights are fun and there a lot of them. I can really see it being good back in 2002.

  • This game is... meh. Didn't really care much for it. The gameplay and the story didn't interest me that much, and the tank controls sure as hell didn't help winning my affection.

    It was probably really good when it first came out, but playing it in modern times I just couldn't get into it.

  • I didn't really want to play this, I only finished it so that I could play the next one without feeling guilty ‘cause I'm one obsessive fucker. So basically I did a speedrun, which was going well until I got to the last boss with only one health potion while every walkthrough that I checked said that I needed at least five or six.

    I had to master the controls only for that part of the game so that I could beat that guy without taking damage. It took me at least 20 tries to finally do it and I actually thought that I would have to start the game over because it was way too difficult.

    So yeah, I don't have have much love for this game because of that whole situation.

    Don't do speedruns kids, unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing.

  • Way better than the last ones, I actually enjoyed this game. The controls were vastly improved which already made it an exponentially better game.

    The story was decent although I still don't know what the fuck Jean Reno was doing here. Don't get me wrong I think it was great, but... how the fuck did he end up here?

    Anyway, cool game, way better than the other ones. Approved.

  • I'm honestly surprised by how every single game of this franchise got better than the previous one. I didn't really like the first two Onimusha games, but the third one was a massive improvement and I really enjoyed it. I would've been fine with this game being similar to Demon Siege, but it's not. It's better, it's so much better.

    The game was improved in every aspect. The controls are much better, the story and the characters are way more interesting, the graphics are prettier and the new additions to the gameplay fit perfectly. I was amazed by how much fun I was having with this, since I expected the series to become tedious and overextended after four games, but it didn't.

    The game was also twice as long as the previous ones. Beating it took me around 23 hours, and it didn't get repetitive at any point. The variety of enemies right until the last level and the sheer amount of bosses kept the game fresh all the way through. Speaking of the last level, goddamn that last boss was epic. It was a perfect ending to the game and the first time that I was actually prepared for it. My inventory was filled with health and magic potions, I felt so responsible.

    The best part is that I didn't even get half the extras the game has, and it still was really long. I will probably get back to it someday to fully finish it because it was that much fun. Plus I want to one shot the first bosses of the game that were a pain in the ass the first time around.

  • Apart from the level design which for some reason I didn't like, this game is all right. Not as good as people made it seem to be, but definitely a decent game.

  • I didn't enjoy it as much as the first one for some reason but it still was entertaining.

  • After finishing this I got to the conclusion that I don't like this franchise. I thought the first two games were decent, but not as good as people made them seem to be, and I was hoping the third one would be the one to finally sell me the series but I liked it even less than the older ones.

    I didn't give a shit about the story or the characters (sorry Dante, not even your smug cocky actitude won me over) and I hated the level design even more than in the previous games (the fact that you had to backtrack and go through some levels again didn't help). The complex controls seemed like a nice challenge at first, but as the game progressed and I got constantly put down by the other aspects of it, I got less and less motivated to learn all the different combos and abilities.

    Don't get me wrong, I see why the game is good and I understand why people like it. I finished it in normal difficulty and I can't say I didn't have fun at some points, but for years and years I heard stuff about how good it was and my expectations were really high, and when I finally got down to play it, I was very disappointed.

  • Cool game, the enemies got kinda repetitive after a while but the story was decent and the gameplay was entertaining.

  • I don't like repetitive games, and this is the definition of a 'repetitive game', but for some reason I really fucking enjoyed it.

    There was something really satisfying about slaying through hordes of dozens of enemies. Also all the characters were fucking badass, and it was really fun to try them all and see their different abilities.

  • Pretty decent for a movie licensed game. Lots of missions and collectables, different characters to use, fun gameplay... Not bad at all. Maybe it was a little bit repetitive but oh well.

  • Oh boy, I had no idea when I put this game on the console for the first time what a chore it would be to finish it. It's... ridiculously difficult for a game about fucking SpongeBob.

    The first half of the game was surprisingly great, I honestly wasn't expecting it to be that good. Smooth controls, well designed levels, different sorts of challenges that kept the game diverse and interesting... It was really good, a solid platformer through and through.

    Then, around halfway through the game, the difficulty started rising and everything got really frustrating. I started constantly dying out of nowhere and the side challenges became impossible, it took me completely by surprise. The difficulty rise felt unfair since the progression of your habilities did not match that rise. I had everything maxed out, and it still felt like I was on a disadvantage against everything that I was fighting against. It stopped being fun at all.

    But hey, at the end of the game you get to fight against King Neptune to the rhythm of 'I'm a Goofy-Goober', that was all right at least.

  • Way too long, that's the first thing that pops up in my head when I think about this game. I was already bored of it halfway through, and it got way harder as the game went on so that didn't help.

    I mean it's a good game, it has a dark story with a well implemented atmosphere, decent controls (although the shooting sections could use some polish)... it was good, but it dragged on for far more than it had to.

    (Played it on PC)

  • Better graphics and improved controls, but somehow a worst game than its predecessor. Mostly because of the story; it was unnecesarily convoluted and boring. And the twist at the end could be seen from a mile away.

    It abandoned the "go around and kill shit" approach of the first one which was mostly what made it work. At least it wasn't as long, beating it took me half the time that the first one took me.


  • All right, this one I did play it, and it was good but I have some issues about it.

    The gameplay is kind of repetitive but fun. It's a pretty difficult third person shooter with elements of horror, where you fight these Clive-Barker-esque creatures with the scarce resources that you find throughout the game. It's not so much that the resources are in short supply, but that there are TONS of enemies. Constantly. There's barely any moment during the course of the game where you are not shooting something. It constantly keeps you on your toes trying to figure out where will the enemies show up next.

    So far so good, my complaints with the game though come with the story and the characters. The plot is... a mess. The story was unraveled in a very convoluted way, mostly through flashbacks, videos displayed on different places and the comments of different apparitions, and they kept jumping back and forth to different places of the timeline which made it extremely confusing. Also, the ending was ancticlimatic as fuck.

    My other big problem was the main character, Torque. I went through hell and back with this guy and he barely spoke a line twice maybe three times throughout the game. I did not feel connected to him at all, and considering how hard the game was, I think it was very important to feel attached to your character. It would've helped creating that urge for survival, but he was pretty plain and almost mute. Plus he was involved in a rather complicated story, his silence and lack of personality just did not fit.

    So anyway to sum up, I think it's a decent game that had great potential, and I wanted to like it more than I did. With a clearer story and a better main character I would have loved it, but you don't always get what you want.


  • Great game; entertaining story, diverse missions, and plenty of shit to do after you beat it.

    I considered one hundred percenting it but I never got to it, plus I think my disk broke, but as soon as I can get it again I will re-take that task.

  • Don't fucking play this. You may think it's like a Tony Hawk clone with a hover board but it's not.

    The controls are... bad, the movement speed of your character is really inconsistent which makes it hard to manage, the level design is terrible, the music is repetitive and unbearable after like an hour, the story is so uninteresting I barely remember any of it, and the last two stages have one of the most unfair and steepest rises of difficulty I've ever seen. I wanted to stop playing it so bad but I didn't want the game to beat me.

    So yeah, avoid this. It looks cool, I mean you have a fricking hover board for fuck's sake, but it's not, it's terrible.

  • I... don't even remember finishing this game... but I have all the characters unlocked on my memory card...

    I don't think it was bad, but it was probably really short so that's why I don't have any memory of it.

    I used to love the first one on PS1 though, I played the shit outta that, but I don't remember this one at all.

  • I got awfully bored of Yu-Gi-Oh now but years ago I used to really enjoy this. It's got plenty of cards to unlock and tons of characters to duel.

    The only drawback that I remember was that your partners' AI in Tag Duels was completely broken. They fucked up every single one of your plays. But aside from that, it was pretty fun.

  • Oh boy, this game. The first survival horror that I've ever played and the one that's burned in my memory forever.

    It's so depressing, gloomy and terrifying, but at the same time so entertaining to play. The urge to uncover the story and to find out in what fucked up place you would end up next kept me hooked the whole playthrough.

    Also, the Toluca Prison was one of the most unconfortable moments I've ever experienced in a videogame. I will never forget staying up late and playing that section by myself with barely any lights on. It was an awful and interesting experience, it's weird how that works with horror games...

  • I played it years after the last one, at a time where I had grown a little bit more resistance against horror games, but it still was pretty terrifying. The feeling of uneasiness and desolation characteristic of Silent Hill was perfectly implemented in this game too.

    I didn't know it was a sequel to the first game of the series though. The story would've been much more interesting if I had played that before. It was a shame but well what you gonna do.


  • The last Silent Hill I played on the PS2, and it looked like it was going to be my favorite of the franchise, right until the middle of the game when you have to start backtracking and going through every single level again...

    I was so hooked on the game... I was really immersed and interested in the story, probably more than in any other Silent Hill. If it wasn't for the whole backtracking deal, and because I wasn't entirely convinced on the ending (it was a little bit anticlimactic and it felt unfulfilling after all the shit that I went through), it would be rivaling Silent Hill 2 for my favorite game of the franchise.

    But anyway, it's still a great game, the whole concept of being locked in The Room was really interesting and unsettling. I'm a little bit claustrophobic, so it kinda surprises that I enjoyed the whole premise of the game so much.

    There were some other issues with the game like the clunky combat controls and the puzzles being rather on the easy side but still, the story got me so hooked that I can overlook all those flaws. It just saddens me that I could've enjoyed the game so much more if it wasn't for the backtracking. The water prison and apartment levels were already a pain in the ass the first time around, the second time was a fucking nightmare.

    However, finding out what the fuck was up with Walter Sullivan kept me going. In the end 'twas all good.

  • You find out more about the story of the first and the third game, it has pretty good graphics, classic Silent Hill gameplay, creepy music and atmosphere and it doesn't drag on for too long: a pretty good game in my book. Also you can carry around TVs, boxes and typewriters and beat the shit out of enemies with them, which is great.

  • Being this one of the PS2 ports released when the console was on it's last moments, I did not have very high expectations for it, but boy did it surprise me.

    Great graphics, great music, original and entertaining gameplay, smart and fun puzzles, interesting re-imagining of the first Silent Hill's story... Man, I really really enjoyed this. It was pretty short, I beat it in one sitting, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Considering the style of gameplay it had they ended it right before it started getting tedious.

    Sometimes when opening a door while being chased by a monster there would be some FPS drops, but aside from that small aspect the rest of the game was excellent.

  • I finished the Weapon Master Mode and then abandoned this. Or should I say the "Search for the character with the cheapest and most stupid combo to beat this as fast as I can... mode".

    Yeah, I did not much care for this game. I was just trying to beat the closest thing to a story mode and then leave it.

    I'm not saying it wasn't fun though, at first it was really entertaining. I was playing with Raphael 'cause I liked his fight style, but the stages got harder and harder and I started getting my ass kicked. Having no intentions of mastering the combat system, I searched for the character with the easiest combo, and I found Talim to be the winner of this category.

    She had a couple of attacks that I ended up repeating over and over and so forging my way to victory. Cheap victory, the most rewarding type.

    Even with this legit technique, some of the last stages were still extremely hard. Specially the ones where you died instantly if you fell to the floor, what a nightmare...

    Some were also really tedious... Those long ass catacombs went around forever, and you had to visit all of them twice. Luckily my already mentioned skills allowed me to play while watching stuff on YouTube and made it more entertaining. The day was saved by the forward + square combo. You will always be remembered my friend.

  • I enjoyed it, but the massive hype before I finally played it killed it for me. I was expecting a masterpiece and it was just... meh. I didn't find the follow up on the story that interesting and the gameplay just fell flat for me. The soundtrack was the only aspect of the game that really stood out, the rest didn't really interest me.

    You don't even play as Snake for more than half the game! That was a dissapointment...

  • Now we are talking. I'm not the biggest fan of the franchise but I really enjoyed this game, and even though I struggled a little bit with the controls, the story and the gameplay kept me going forward. Also, the ending is just beautiful. People told me it was really emotional but I was not prepared for that.

    "Snake, history will never know what she did. No one will ever learn the truth".

    I'm getting chills just thinking about it.

  • This game's story starts great and promising but it gets really messy and exaggerated by the end. Considering the game is like an interactive film, as soon as the story started rambling too much, it lost half my interest...

    It's not a bad game, and the action sections were pretty entertaining, but boy that story was a dissapointment.

  • Fun game. I'm not the biggest Spider-Man fan and I was not really invested in the story or the characters, so I just judged this as a general action game, and it was Ok.

    The camera was really wonky and imprecise, and the combat was pretty basic, but webslinging through the city was pretty fucking fun I have to admit. And jumping around with Venom was also pretty cool.

    Weirdly enough, I enjoyed traveling through the city more than the rest of the game now that I think about it... huh...


  • What a goofy fucking game. You are a samurai in the Wild West, wearing afro wigs, trying to kill your own a brother because he abandoned the way of the true samurai and moved out to America to use guns instead of swords and work for a guy that is ruling over some small town and... I don't know I got fucking lost halfway through the game. The dialogue was so unbelievably cheesy I couldn't take it and I just zoned out.

    This could be one of those "It's so bad, it's good" titles, at least in terms of story, if the gameplay was a little bit more entertaining. I mean, you can wear hats twice the size of your own body and carry a coffin on your back, but when the only thing you do the entire game is slash, jump, and block, no amount of goofy shit will save you.

    Still it was kinda fun, although the game was mostly carried by the superb dialogue. I would play this again just to write down some of quotes. There's some solid gold here. Some solid, cheesy gold.

  • Really entertaining third person shooter, with the only issue that it makes you replay a lot of levels in order to get points and unlock the last stages of the game, which was kinda bullshit.

    However, if you manage to put that aside, it's a very good game.

  • This game sucks fucking dicks...

    The gameplay is boring and repetitive (the only variety are the stealth sections and they are awfully designed), the level design is very bland and unninspired, the graphics are terrible for a 2008 game and the difficulty curve is pretty fucking inconsistent.

    Terrible, just terrible. I looked up the XBOX 360 and PC versions on YouTube and they are not nearly as bad. I kind of got myself into this mess by playing this version, but still...

  • I love this game's concept, I always thought it was really original. Not very often you get to be a stuntman dodging exploding buildings on a movie set. I mean, unless that's your job, in which case you probably wouldn't find this so interesting... anyway...

    As I was saying, the game's premise is really fun, and the amount of different levels and vehicles that you can drive keep it interesting right until the end. The loading times are kinda slow but the rest of the game is really fast paced and frenetic, it's great.

    I even considered getting five star ratings on every scene, but I didn't have the patience nor the driving skills to do it. Hashtag sad.

  • I probably would've had more fun with this if I hadn't played Devil Kings for as long as I did. I got burned out of this style of game.

    That being said, I can't say I didn't enjoy this.

    I beat it around seven times in order to unlock all the forty two characters and it was prety fun, a little bit repetitive but you know complaining about that here would be stupid. I had to use however the old tactic of watching the GameGrumps while I played to keep myself from getting bored. It never fails.

    Shout out to my boy Guan Yu who was probably my favorite character of the game, at least of the ones I tried. And shout out to my boy Lu Bu who allowed me to wreck everyone's shit and not give a single fuck in the process.

  • Pretty underrated game. Ok, yes, the graphics do not hold up; yes, the camera is not the best and the dodging mechanics could be really improved upon; yes, the dialogue is absurdly cheesy and the uninspired voice acting doesn't help at all; and yes, Dororo is one hell of an annoying character and the fact that you actually have to play with her is just absurd, BUT, if you can look past all of that, you have a pretty solid action adventure game.

    The concept of the game is what made it stand out for me. You play as Hyakkimaru, a samurai who has lost every single part of his body, which are now prosthetic replacements (your leg is a grenade launcher and your arm has a fucking minigun, deal with it), and he is now, accompanied by the irritating Dororo, on a search for revenge against the demons who turned him into Pinocchio while recovering his lost body parts in the process.

    You fight against 48 of these fiends (some are optional and some are not, I beat them all only to unlock the secret final boss and ending), and even though some of them get reused with only a change of palette, there are at least 30 different bosses you have to defeat throughout the game.

    Once you get a hang of the controls, it becomes a really enjoyable and interesting experience. It's not without it's flaws, that's why I think a remastered version with those issues fixed could be a massive hit.

    Improve the controls, the camera, the dialogue and the voice acting and I really think this could go far. Specially the dialogue, some of the lines are so bad that they actually become hilarious.

    Oh and improve Dororo, like, in general. Her relationship with Hyakki could have been really interesting and emotional, if she wasn't so goddamn annoying and looked like and alien-scarecrow.

  • Fun sandbox game. Getting to play through two different periods of time using the same character was interesting.

    It wasn't nothing too spectacular, but it was entertaining enough.

  • Decent game. Not great, not horrible, just all right. For a survival horror though it didn't scare me even once.

  • I don't really know why I didn't enjoy this game. I don't know if it was the characters, the story, or I thought it was too similar to the first one... I just can't put my finger on it, but playing it wasn't that much fun.

    The only thing that made it more entertatining was that I played it with a friend in co-op mode, but it still felt like a chore to finish it. Hitting my friend with the chainsaw every now and then was the only thing that kept me going. Don't take that out of context please...

  • A generic licensed game, nothing too special. It's short, and the hand to hand combat is kind of clunky, but the whole mechanic of moving different elements around the stage using the right analog stick was fun. So there's that.

  • This is one of those games that it's fun if you only play it for short periods of time, but if you try to beat it, it becomes tedious and repetitive

    I beat all one hundred and sixty-something events available, and I probably had fun in... seventy of them. Why did I do it then? I don't fucking know. I was young and everyone was doing it... shut up.

    The whole "go-really-fast-crash-into-everything" deal was fun at the beggining, but when the races started getting more and more difficult it ended up being frustrating. Going at 350 miles per hour and trying to take a very stiff curve while avoiding oh so much incoming traffic may sound fun but after a while it really isn't. Specially when you have to watch an animation every single time you crash. You feel like the game is mocking you.

    The main focus of the game should've been all the gamemodes where you get to destroy stuff, and not so much the races. And the motion blur effect should've been toned the fuck down 'cause trying to look where you are going while half your screen is blurred is not humanly possible.

    The crash events were fun right until the end, 'cause they adjusted better to the style of the game. Go fast, crash, watch other shit crash, watch everything explode, get points, do it again.

    So anyway, I probably sounded like I hated the game. I did not. I had a lot of fun at first, but 160 events is a lot, and it was bound to get boring at some point. I might play it again in the future if I'm in the mood for high-speed massive destruction. We'll see.

  • Fun game, I used to play Commandos on my cousin's computer when I was a kid (and I was awful at it), so it was fun to see that concept implemented in a first person shooter.

    I do think that a third person shooter would have been a much better option for this, but it's still a pretty good game.

  • Action packed FPS that would have been so much better if it didn't try to deviate from that approach by encouraging exploration.

    The game doesn't have an autosave system, so you have to look around the stage searching for save points, and also for ammo, which you ran out of quite often. It constantly interrupts that frenetic feel that the game has instead of embracing it.

    The game is still fun, but adding an autosave system and maybe making ammo packs contain more ammo would have made it so much better.


  • Fun game with some interesting mechanics, but terrible collision detection. You could have the aim right in front of an enemy's face and the bullets would still miss him.

    It was extremely frustrating, but aside from that the game is not bad.