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    Blood Will Tell: Tezuka Osamu's Dororo

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 21, 2004

    Blood Will Tell is an action game that borrows themes from a Japanese manga called Dororo, created by Osamu Tezuka. Its main protagonist is a young samurai, Hyakkimaru who is on a quest to recover his 48 body parts from the fiends that haunt feudal Japan.

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    Blood Will Tell focuses on the adventures of one Hyakkimaru and his sidekick Dororo. After Hyakkimaru's father makes a bad deal with the Fiends, these devils come up to his son after he is born and steal 48 of his body parts. The father is crippled by fear upon learning this truth, and sends Hyakkimaru off into the wild on his own by laying him in a basket and letting the current of a nearby river take him.

    Hyakkimaru is saved by a talented doctor, who replaces his lost organs, arms, legs and so on with synthetic counterparts that did not only enable him to survive, but also made him a bit of a supersoldier as he grew up. After Hyakkimaru becomes of age, he takes these toys, such as a knee-mounted bazooka, to the fiends in order to regain that which they have taken of him. He is quickly joined by the self-proclaimed "greatest thief of all time", a youngster named Dororo. Together, they face many a foe and rescue feudal Japan from the Fiends' oppression.

    List of Fiends

    Note: interpretation help: "Name of the fiend - Body part gained from killing the fiend (Effect of reacquisition of body part) - Level of the fiend at hand"

    Note 2: the phrase "Make(s) Hyakkimaru stronger" indicates that he will receive a stat boost. For instance, he will get HP 1.

    Prologue Fiends

    Great Horn - Vocal cord (Allows Hyakkimaru to use his natural voice, as opposed to the robotic voice he had before) - Level 1

    Homunculus - Left eye (Allows Hyakkimaru to see the world in colour) - Level 2

    Chapter 1 Fiends

    Dream Eater - Hyppocampal synapse (Enables the "Enemies Killed" stat to become operational) - Level 4

    Scourge - No body part obtained - Level 3

    Inquisitor - Trapezius muscles (Make Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 6

    Hell Crusher - Esophagus (No bonus) - Level 4

    Ogress - Left leg (Gives you the ability to dash by pushing down L3) - Level 6

    Grave Golem - Platelets (Make Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 5

    Mai Mai Onba - Vissudha (Makes Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 44

    Chapter 2 Fiends

    Masterless Samurai - No body part obtained - Level 6

    Possessed Dororo - No body part obtained - Level 8

    Giant Fire Wheel - Kidneys (Make Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 10

    Dragon Brood - Spine (Makes Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 10

    Impaler - Manipura (Makes Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 9

    Night Terror - Cerebellum (Makes Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 12

    Fiend Misaki - Right leg (Enables use of a bazooka with 10 shots that can blast rocks that impede your progress through bonus areas) - Level 35

    Draconus - Liver (Makes Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 41

    Chapter 3 Fiends

    Goliath - Adrenal glands (Make Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 12

    Twin Blade - Ears (Allow you to recover from a fall in mid-air and land on your feet) - Level 11

    Fire Golem - Stomach (Makes Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 12

    Gapping Maw - Small Intestines (Make Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 23

    Mountainous - Sense of pain (The controller will vibrate when you take damage) - Level 14

    Wind Fiend - Abdominal muscles (Make Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 19

    Chapter 4 Fiends

    Three Tailed Fox - Lymph nodes (No bonus) - Level 15

    Beast Fiend - Cerebral neocortex (Makes Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 17

    Six Tailed Fox - Pancreas (Makes Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 16

    Snake-eyes Saboruta - No body parts obtained - Level 18

    Tahoumaru - No body parts obtained - Level 18

    Nice Tailed Fox - The heart (Makes Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 24

    Death - Thyroid glands (Make Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 21

    Hell Cat - Muladhara (Makes Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 20

    Blood Ape - Ribs (Make Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 27

    Chapter 5 Fiends

    Giant Inferno Wheel - Bone marrow (Makes Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 29

    Misaki - No body part obtained - Level 1

    Redcap - Left arm (Allows you to dual-wield swords) - Level 27

    Thunder Fiend - Lateral muscles (Make Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 25

    Minotaur - Pelvis (Makes Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 46

    Legion - Nose (Makes the controller vibrate when enemies are nearby, as Hyakkimaru can smell them now) - Level 26

    Soul Stealer - Large intestines (Make Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 31

    Chapter 6 Fiends

    Possessed Misaki - No body part obtained - Level 28

    Cursed Monk - Ajna (Makes Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 45

    Midoro - Right eye (Makes Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 33

    Boar Fiend - Pectoralis muscles (Make Hyakkimaru stronger) - Level 33

    Other Information

    • Blood Will Tell features two-player co-op that sees one player taking control of Hyakkimaru and the other of his partner, Dororo. The action takes place on a single screen, and players can only stray a certain distance from one another. It is viewed by most as clumsy.
    • Although Dororo is referred to as male, hints in the unfinished Dororo manga make it fairly clear that the character is actually a girl disguised as a male. This is nodded to in the Blood Will Tell game, where Dororo is visibly a little girl, and voiced by a female voice actor making little effort to sound male.

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