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    Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 01, 2005

    Based on a true story, take control of your squad and lead your brothers in arms to victory though France and suppress the German forces.

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    Based on a true story, you play as Sergeant Matthew Baker, who reluctantly leads a squad of 12 men called, "Baker's Dozen". You lead your men through eight days of the battle for Normandy, beginning with the night drops before D-Day to the final battle to hold Hill 30. Throughout the game, Baker struggles with the fact that his decisions have the power to both save the lives of his friends and to end them.

    The night before D-Day, June 5, 1944: The paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division are dropped into Normandy and scattered behind enemy lines. As Sgt. Baker, you lead your squad through eight harrowing days that will define history, and unite you forever as brothers in arms.

    The game has real military tactics, as well as battles that were actually fought by the 101st Airborne. Locations are recreated by visits to the locations of the battles and by using old photos taken before and during the operation.

    The game features tactical gameplay by allowing the player to directly control where his squads should position themselves and at which enemies they should suppress or flank. This control system does not stop the action as it allows the player to bring up the control interface with a simple push of a button in real time.


    Brothers in Arms : Road to Hill 30's gameplay consists of two basic concepts: Supressive fire and flanking. Enemies can be suppresed by being shot either by you or your AI squad, this makes the enemies unable to shoot as often and with less accuracy. Once enemies have been supressed the concept of flanking comes into play, while enemy has been supressed either you or your squad AI can go around the enemy and eliminate them.


    Campaign 1: Brothers in Arms (June 13, 1944)

    The first mission is actually a glimpse into future events. The events in this mission take place at the very end on the game's timeline. This level serves as an introduction to the gameplay elements. The sequence is a last stand situation where Baker simply needs to survive the German onslaught. The mission ends with Baker being knocked out by the blast of a tank shell.

    Campaign 2: Rendezvous with Destiny (June 6, 1944)

    The mission starts with Baker questioning his promotion to squad sergeant. The 101st Airborne is about to parachute behind enemy lines and the player gets to experience the drop from a first person perspective. The operation hits a snag when allied planes are shot down and many paratroopers are either killed or separated from their squads. Sgt. Baker is one of them and now must find his squad. He eventually links up with his immediate superior Sgt. ‘Mac’ Hassay who hands him a pistol. Both proceed on their mission and find Pvt.Legget who is able to speak French and gets directions from a local woman.

    Campaign 3: Silence the Guns (June 6, 1944)

    The spoken introduction to the mission has Baker recalling the first time he met the squad’s radio operator, Kevin Leggett. Baker is tasked with taking out the Anti-Aircraft guns that are shooting down Allied planes. This mission introduces the player to the game’s main mechanic of flanking and suppressing the enemy. Along with Mac and Leggett, Sgt. Baker is successful in taking out both AA guns using satchel charges. They then proceed to link up with the rest of the squad and reach the beachhead where Allied soldiers will be landing in the morning.

    Campaign 4: Ambush at Exit 4 (June 6, 1944)

    The level opens with Matt Baker finally accepting his fate and taking charge of the men in his squad. We then see Baker, Mac and Leggett standing near a farmhouse when Corporal Joe Hartsock meets up with them. Baker is tasked with reaching the beach and link up with 4th Infantry division. Mac takes Leggett to find more paratroopers and orders Baker and Hartsock to clear the road to the beachhead. Both soldiers link up with Allen and Garnett after cutting down some German soldiers and then proceed to an emplaced machine gun to eliminate the last of the enemy soldiers near the beach. The enemies in the early levels are mostly conscripts from non German countries with poor training. The level ends with the squad overlooking the beach landings and questioning the horror that took place there.

    Campaign 5: Objective XYZ (June 6, 1944)

    The mission opens with Leggett attempting to contact command on his radio but failing. Sgt. Hassay orders the squad to take out a nearby German barrack unaware of the squad’s presence. Baker proceeds to successfully eliminate the enemies along with Hartsock until they reach a mansion occupied by Nazi soldiers. As they make their way into the courtyard of the house, they see Privates Allen and Garnett loading up a Bazooka that ultimately attracts the attention of nearby German soldiers. The player must survive waves of enemies until Sgt. Hassay arrives to save the squad. The level ends with the squad taking possession of a German truck and proceeding on the mission.

    Campaign 6: Foucarville Blockade (June 6, 1944)

    The introduction has Baker talking about how inseparable Allen and Garnett are, as if they were one person. Even with the mis-drops they still managed to stick together. We then see the squad standing above a dead American soldier just outside the town of Foucarville. They are tasked with securing the town and after a successful assault on the town’s church, the squad must survive both a wave of foot soldiers rushing the church and mortar fire. After taking care of both, Mac shows up and congratulates Baker on surviving the German counter-attack.

    Campaign 7: Rommel's Asparagus (June 6, 1944)

    The level opens with Baker realizing that until this point, nothing that has happened throughout his live never really meant anything. With the first day of the Normandy landings coming to a close, Baker’s squad must now clear a field near the town of Hiesville so that American gliders can safely land. This is one of the hardest levels in the game because of the open terrain with no cover and infinitely respawning enemies. Baker must use C4 to destroy wooden poles while German MG crews fire at him and his squad. After destroying the poles and taking out some Anti-Aircraft positions, gliders are able to land and resupply the American troops on the ground.

    Campaign 8: Action at Vierville (June 7, 1944)

    The opening sequence has Matt Baker talking about home and his childhood friend George Risner, who is also in Normandy commanding a Tank. On the second day of the Allied offensive in France, the squad’s orders are to clear the town of Vierville. Mac tells Baker that a tank will provide them with support and this is the first mission where the player can issue orders to a tank just like a squad of soldiers. When Baker heads to meet up with the tank operator, he is ambushed and then saved by the tank, which is commandeered by his friend, George Risner. They then proceed to clear the town of both infantry and enemy tanks. Since bullets do no damage to tanks it is crucial that Risner take out the enemy armor since it can instantly kill the player. After securing the town, Baker’s squad and the tank proceed to a nearby crossroad.

    Campaign 9: Dead Man's Corner (June 7, 1944)

    After spending some time together recalling old memories and exchanging stories, Sgt. Baker and Sgt. Risner proceed to some unnamed crossroads just south of St. Come-du-Mont. The player is able to use the tank as mobile cover as they take out German positions along the way. After successfully destroying multiple enemy emplacements, the tank shoves through some fallen trees on the road only to fall into a trap and be destroyed by a German panzerfaust. As Risner exits the burning tank he exchanges small arms fire with enemy soldiers before being shot dead. Still in shock from witnessing the death of his long time friend, Baker manages to kill the ambushers along with his squad.

    Campaign 10: The Crack of Dawn (June 8, 1944)

    The opening has Baker wondering exactly what he will have to say to George’s mother when breaks the bad news to her. As the third day of the Allied offensive in Normandy begins, Baker’s squad must reach St. Come-du-Mont but before they can proceed they must clear some farmhouses along the road that are wrecking havoc upon anyone coming through. Before they head out, Pvt. Allen is seen taking the pistol Risner was using just before he died. Upon capturing the final farmhouse from enemy soldiers, Baker’s squad must defend against waves of enemies rushing their position. The chapter ends with Mac once again surprised at Sgt. Baker’s combat abilities.

    Campaign 11: The Fall of St. Come (June 8, 1944)

    As the third day continues, we first hear about how Baker was affected by his father leaving him as a child and how the only family he has left are his squad mates. We then see said squad mates arguing the merits of Batman and Superman. Baker’s 3rd squad is just outside St. Come and must now clear it of Germans. The mission begins by encountering German Paratroopers who are some of the toughest enemies in the game. They are highly trained and use the best weaponry. After eventually clearing out a large portion of the town, the squad reaches a small courtyard where they are faced with a Panzer tank. Without any tanks of their own, Baker’s squad must eliminate the tank on foot. A small stash of panzerfausts is the only way the player can eliminate the Nazi armor. After taking care of the enemy tank, Sgt. Hassay praises Baker for his ability to take out a tank on foot.

    Campaign 12: Buying the Farm (June 9, 1944)

    A day after securing St.Come-du-Mont, 3rd squad must secure a farmhouse just west of town. As the level opens we see Pvt. Allen and Pvt. Leggett arguing before being ordered to quiet down by Mac. Sgt. Hassay, Leggett, Allen and Garnett then proceed to flank the farmhouse from the other end while Baker and the rest of the squad, along with a Sherman tank, attack it from the front. After disposing of enemy soldiers and capturing the farmhouse, Baker’s squad begins to take mortar fire from a nearby field. The player must now rush the enemy mortar squads before they shoot down the Sherman tank. If the tank survives, the ensuing battle against advancing German tanks becomes much easier. After disposing of the enemy armor, Baker hears Leggett screaming from a distance only to eventually find him standing in a pool of Allen and Garnett’s blood.

    Campaign 13: Alternate Route (June 9, 1944)

    The spoken introduction has Baker angry at himself for letting Allen and Garnett go along with Leggett instead of him. The squad is standing in the rain, talking about the events that just occurred at the farmhouse. Some even blaming Leggett for the deaths of Pvt. Allen and Pvt. Garnett. Once again Sgt. Hassay has to intervene and set his soldiers straight. After making sure Baker can continue on as squad leader, he orders him to destroy a bridge near the Douve River that the Germans are using to bring in supplies. The player once again has control of a tank for this mission. After reaching the objective, Baker plants the TNT and destroys the Bridge as enemy units rush his position.

    Campaign 14: Purple Heart Lane (June 10, 1944)

    The level opens with Pvt. Rivas clutching at his neck as he bleeds out from a sniper round that hit him. American paratroopers are nearing Carentan and they must now cross a heavily defended causeway in order to advance. Unlike the actual events that transpired in 1944 where over 50 American squads crossed the causeway, the game only features Baker’s squad of 10 men. This is one of the hardest levels in the game due to the infinitely respawning enemies that use MGs which can instantly kill the player. It is also one of the very rare opportunities to acquire and use a German sniper rifle in the game. Upon reaching the end of the causeway, 3rd squad is attacked by enemy fighter planes that knock out Sgt. Baker and kill Pvt. Desola.

    Campaign 15: Cole's Charge (June 11, 1944)

    Another level which attempts to faithfully recreate the events of 1944, Cole’s Charge has Baker’s squad assault a farmhouse under the orders of real life paratrooper Lt. Robert G. Cole. While the actual assault on the farmhouse had nearly 270 men attack, the game only has a few soldiers take part (probably due to technical limitations at the time). The level opens with Baker waking up from the air assault that knocked him out the day before. He then proceeds to meet up with Lt. Cole right outside the farmhouse. The field is then filled with smoke and the player must navigate through it with almost zero visibility and survive enemy fire. After making it through the charge and killing the last of the enemies, Lt. Cole congratulates Baker on the execution of the mission.

    Campaign 16: Ripe Pickings (June 11, 1944)

    The mission starts with Baker finally feeling comfortable around his squad, or whatever is left of it. After capturing the Ignouf Farmhouse with Lt. Cole, 3rd squad is ordered by Sgt. Hassay to rescue Lt. Combs who is pinned down by enemy fire nearby. Still exhausted from the assault, Baker and his men have no choice but to comply and proceed to rescue the lieutenant. After rescuing Combs and returning to base, Baker’s squad must survive waves of enemies as they rush the farmhouse. Parts of this level were used to showcase the game off during early demos at E3.

    Campaign 17: Push into Carentan (June 12, 1944)

    The 10st Airborne has finally reached the city of Carentan and must now capture it from the German occupiers. This is the first mission to feature urban warfare. Baker’s squad is sent into the industrial part of town and must clear it. The player is faced with every type of enemy in the game; from foot soldiers to machine gun nests to Panzer tanks, everything is thrown at the player in one single mission. After surviving the ordeal, Baker meets up with Hassay who tells him to head for the church in the center of town.

    Campaign 18: Tom and Jerry (June 12, 1944)

    After reaching the church, Baker’s squad takes a moment to relax and prepare for the inevitable counter attack. All of this is cut short when Pfc. Stephan Obrieski is sniped and falls from the top of the church. The German assault on the church begins and the player must now survive by sniping the rushing enemy soldiers from the top of the church while commanding his squad on the streets below. Once the initial wave is defeated, the player must make his way downstairs and destroy advancing German tanks using Bazookas. After repelling the attack and securing the cathedral for good, 3rd squad is sent out to Hill 30.

    Campaign 19: No Better Spot to Die (June 13, 1944)

    Baker and 3rd squad find themselves just outside of Carentan on Hill 30 where the German war machine is preparing a full blown assault on the city. This is the mission that the player experiences in the introduction to the game. After replaying the events of the opening sequence and being knocked out by the tank shell, Baker wakes up to find Leggett killed and the rest of his squad still trying to survive the waves of enemy soldiers. Mac tells baker that there are tanks nearby that could help them survive. Baker is sent out on his own to look for them. After dodging Panzers and machine gun nests along the road, He eventually finds the Platoon of American tanks and leads them back to 3rd squad’s position to save his squad from being slaughtered.

    Campaign 20: Victory in Carentan (June 14, 1944)

    After surviving the battle at Hill 30, Baker along with the rest of 3rd squad gathers at the base of the cathedral where Sgt. Hassay gives out promotions. Corporal Hartsock is promoted to sergeant and will now lead 2nd squad. The ceremony is cut short by German mortar fire as the game credits begin to roll.


    Allied Infantry Weapons

    • M1911 Semi-Automatic Pistol
    • M1 Carbine Semi-Automatic Rifle
    • M1 Garand Semi-Automatic Rifle
    • M1903 Bolt-Action Rifle
    • M1A1 Submachine Gun
    • M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)
    • M9A1 Bazooka
    • M1919A4 Browning Light Machine Gun
    • Mark II A1 Fragmentation Grenade

    German Infantry Weapons

    • Walther P38 Semi-Automatic Pistol
    • MP40 Sub-Machine Gun
    • KAR 98K Rifle with Scope
    • Mauser K98 Rifle
    • MP44 Sturmgewehr Assault Rifle
    • MG42 Rifle
    • Panzerfaust 60 Rocket Launcher
    • Stielhandgranate 24 HE Stick Grenade

    System Requirements

    • Supported OS: Windows® 2000/XP (only)
    • Processor: 1 GHz Pentium® III or AMD Athlon™ (2.5 GHz Pentium IV or AMD recommended)
    • RAM: 512 MB (1 GB recommended)
    • Video Card: 32 MB DirectX® 9.0c compliant (see supported list*)
    • Sound Card: 16-bit DirectX 9.0c compliant sound card
    • DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (included on disc)
    • DVD-ROM: 4X DVD-ROM (8X or better recommended)
    • Hard Drive Space: 5 GB
    • Peripherals Supported: Windows keyboard and mouse only
    • Multiplay: Broadband with 64 kbps upstream (128 kbps recommended)

    Digital Distribution

    Brothers in arms: Road To Hill 30 can be bought on Steam for $9.99


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