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    Samuel Corrion

    Character » appears in 5 games

    A character in the Brothers in Arms series. Appears in all of the games so far.

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    Before the war he worked at a textile mill in Georgia. He is a volunteer member of the 101st Airborne Division during WWII. A weapons expert, able to use both American and German weapons. He is a part of 2nd Squad and leads Matt Baker's Assault Team.

    In Road to Hill 30 he was the only member of Baker's squad to defend Leggett after the deaths of Allen and Garnett. He leads your assault team and stays with you for all but the first few levels of the game.

    In Earned in Blood he is seen with Baker while you play as Joe "Red" Hartstock.

    Corrion plays a much larger role in Hells Highway. He has been passed up for Sergeant three times now and is still leading the assault team. Near the end of Market Garden, after the mortar incident that left Hartsock paralyzed, Baker picks Paddock to lead 2 squad, making this the fourth time Corrion is not picked. After confronting Baker, Corrion learns why he wasn’t picked; he failed to make Franky Laroche understand his orders. Franky went AWOL to try and save a girl, unfortunately he was shot seven times and killed.

    Corrion is shot through the chest in the mission “Hell’s Highway”. After recovering from his wounds at the aid station, he learns from Baker how Allen and Garnett died. He leaves the tent with hatred for Baker after being lied to since Normandy. After this Baker starts a long speech and ends it with, “Together we will fight” Corrion turns his back and says "I cant" then walks away.


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