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    Mega Man Zero 2

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released May 02, 2003

    The second game in the Mega Man Zero series. Retained the high difficulty of the first Zero game while bringing back a few features that were typical to Mega Man games but were omitted from the first game.

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    Mega Man Zero 2 is a GBA-exclusive platformer that is part of Inti Creates/Capcom's Mega Man Zero sub-series, which in turn is based on the Mega Man X universe, and the second of four games in the series. It once again features the former Maverick Hunter Zero, who awakened after 100 years of hibernation after the Mega Man X series.

    It's set a year after Mega Man Zero and sees an exhausted Zero collapse in the desert, only to be recovered by one of his Neo Arcadian enemies and dropped off near a Resistance base. The human scientist Ciel and her Reploids involve Zero in a new plan to take on Neo Arcadia which will have dire consequences for the world.

    The game offers a "traditional" Mega Man stage select rather than the former game's large, connected world. Zero can now acquire Forms and EX Skills - the former from completing optional objectives and the latter from completing stages with a high enough rank. Forms provide various benefits to Zero's stats and powers, while EX Skills are powerful versions of acquired boss skills.


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