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    Kya: Dark Lineage

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 18, 2003

    After falling through a portal she discovered in her house, Kya is transported into a strange world. There, she encounters the Nativs, a tribe that is fighting against the evil Brazul and his minions. Can she help the Nativs in their fight and return safe to her world?

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    Kya official artwork
    Kya official artwork
    A young woman named Kya finds her half brother Frank in a secret room that she did not know about, seconds later Frank tinkers with a strange object that sends them through a portal. Kya wakes up to see strange creatures looking at her telling her to get up or she'll never get up again, because wolfen are chasing them. They tell her to follow them to safety, when Kya and the remaining creature named Aton get to safety they go to Nativ City a city where the creature lives; which is full of his kind called Nativs. Aton tells Kya to go see Atea a Nativ elder that may be able to tell Kya what's going on. When Kya meets Atea, she finds out that Kya was brought to the universe by a magical Medallion made up of 7 energy filled runes. Atea tells Kya that the Medallion stayed in Kya's world and that Kya must find the Nativ's world Medallion to get back home. Kya also finds out that an evil person named Brazul is trying to capture Nativs and turn them into Wolfen, Kya also comes to the conclusion that Brazul is Kya's father Alan who disappeared years ago. Kya asks where Frank could be and Atea says to Kya that he must be with Brazul if he is not with the Nativs. Once Kya gets some fighting lessons and a weapon she begins an adventure to exorcise Wolfen to bring them back to their original form, find Frank, defeat Brazul and find all the pieces of the Medallion so she and Frank can go back home.


    Kya-  A brave young woman who is flown into another world and is immediately caught up into an adventure to protect a group of creatures called Nativs, save her brother Frank whom is not with her upon arrival to the world, return enemies called Wolfen into their original form as Nativs and defeat the Nativs threat named Brazul who plans to take over the world.

    Frank-  A mechanical young man that discovers a secret room in Kya and Franks house that leads them to another world. Frank is taken away by Wolfen and is held hostage in Brazul's Fortress for a fraction of the game. He repays Kya by making an altar in the end of the game that could help Kya and Frank get back to their world.

    Brazul-  The villain of the game and father to Kya, he plans to take over the world and maybe other worlds by turning the Nativs into Wolfen and making them wreak havoc.

    Atea-  An elder Nativ that helps Kya by telling her what to do next in order to achieve her goals.

    Aton-  The strongest Nativ in the city of Nativs called Nativ City, Aton has a deep jealousy  of Kya and thinks that he doesn't need her help when he really does need her help.

    Akasa-  A trainer Nativ that helps teach Kya how to fight Wolfen.

    Area-  A sporty Nativ that likes to hang out with Aton and Atea, his best friend is Aton and he learns how to fly an airship.

    Stuff-  A flying creature called a Galbos which is the last one of its kind. Stuff allows Atea to talk to Kya while she is somewhere else, Stuff also gives Kya tips and tricks on what to do in certain areas.

    The Snore-  An unseen Nativ that is talked about by other Nativs, it is said that it is not a good idea to talk to him because he is very boring.

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