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    Pikmin 2

    Game » consists of 12 releases. Released Apr 29, 2004

    Pikmin 2 continues the adventures of Captain Olimar as he returns to the planet he spent so long trying to escape. His mission: collect treasures to prevent his company from going bankrupt.

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    Pikmin 2 is a unique, real-time strategy game centered around collecting little creatures known as Pikmin in order to collect treasures, defeat creatures, and build bridges, amongst other tasks. There are five types of Pikmin: red, yellow, blue, white and purple. Each color has certain attributes that allow it to perform tasks the others cannot. For example, red Pikmin are resistant to fire. As a result of these classes, the player must use strategy to defeat many of the enemies and advance further in the game.

    Pikmin collect fallen enemies and pellets, working together to carry the items back to their onions, much like ants. Once the item has reached the onion it is sucked up and Pikmin seeds are spat out. These must be plucked from the ground by the player, allowing new Pikmin to join their squad. Only 100 Pikmin can follow Olimar and Louie at one time, though the onions can store greater quantities.

    It's widely accepted that Pikmin 2 is a vast improvement over the original. A 30-day time limit no longer exists, allowing the player to complete the game at their own leisurely pace. Also, the game is substantially longer, with 201 treasure pieces to collect, compared to the 30 ship pieces from the original game. There's also a multi-tasking aspect to the campaign, with the ability to easily switch between Olimar and Louie to complete multiple tasks at once. But perhaps the best addition to Pikmin 2 is the caves. These are challenging sections of the game where the player descends underground through a series of levels collecting treasures, ending with a boss battle on the final floor. The sections are difficult as Pikmin numbers cannot always be replenished.

    North American US Box Art
    North American US Box Art

    Pikmin 2, originally released on the Gamecube game, was re-released in April 2009 in Japan and PAL territories as part of Nintendo's New Play Control! series on the Nintendo Wii which features enhanced graphic output (16:9 widescreen and 480p resolution) along with updated controls utilizing the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. A North American version wasn't announced until April 2012 when Nintendo Power magazine revealed that the enhanced port would finally be coming to North America in June 2012 to prepare for the upcoming Wii U release of Pikmin 3. The New Play Control! title will be released as a standalone Nintendo Selects title, lacking the New Play Control! banner.


    In Pikmin 2, Captain Olimar returns to his home planet to find the company he works for, Hocotate Freight, is in serious debt. After dropping a bottle cap he retrieved from the distant planet, which was a souvenir for his child, the company's only remaining ship examines the object and discovers it has a value of 100 Pokos. Ecstatic with this discovery, Olimar's boss sends him and fellow employee Louie back to the Pikmin-inhabited planet to collect 10,000 Pokos' worth of treasure in order to pay off the company's debt.

    Types of Pikmin

    • Red: Toughest fighters (besides purples), flame-resistant
    • Blue: Water-resistant, can save drowning pikmin
    • Yellow: resistant to electricity, can be thrown higher
    • White: can unearth completely covered items, immune to poison and can poison enemies, skinnier and can carry things 1.5 times faster than others, possibly weaker.
    • Purple: heavy and strong, equal to 10 pikmin, but slower than other pikmin, can stun enemies with right throw.
    • Bulbmin: Unknown color (gives off a green glow when idle). A type of parasitic pikmin, can take over enemies motor functions for a time. Live in host for entire life. Immune to all hazards. Cannot leave the underground

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