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The game features 5-on-5 gameplay, differing from the usual 3-on-3 featured in earlier titles in the series. The game is an arcade-type hockey game, featuring (as the name suggests) fighting amongst the players. The game is generally considered to be a more casual hockey experience compared to more realistic titles. NHL Hitz Pro had the IIHF license, meaning the game featured the jerseys of Olympic hockey teams.

The cover athlete of the game was Detroit Red Wings Defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom.

Gameplay Modes


Career mode allows the player to control their team of your choice throughout a season. Players can be traded and customised.


Franchise sees the player start their own team and work up to the finals with their custom team.


The quickplay game mode let's players quickly challenge the computer (or their friends in multiplayer) to a quick game without the need to start a new season or career.


Online play was available on the PS2 version of the game. The online mode included quick play, ranked matches and tournament play and used the Gamespy online service to connect players.

Hockey School

Hockey school acted as the game's training mode and was narrated by the winning-est coach in NHL history, Scotty Bowman.

Pick-Up Hockey

Pick-up hockey was a popular mode with fans, turning the game into either a street (roller), or pond hockey match-up between two fictional teams, in a race to 5 goals.


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