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    Split-Screen Multiplayer

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    Sometimes, you want to play games with a real person who's sitting right next to you. These games have you covered.

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    Split-screen multiplayer games typically allow two, three, or four players in the same location to play multiplayer games on a single screen. The screen is divided into rectangular sections equal to the number of players present, and is usually divided along the X or Y axis through the centre of the screen. The split-screen effect allows multiple players to play as they normally would, but in a smaller amount of space. Before games could be played online, this was one of the primary concepts around which multiplayer for video games was designed.

    Screen Peeking

    Due to the nature of this design, players so inclined could simply watch an opponent's screen to gain an unfair advantage. This tactic is difficult to prevent on its own, though sometimes players have gone to measures such as taping screen dividers made of cardboard to the television in order to hide each player's portion of the screen from view of the others. Inspired by this dastardly habit, the game Screencheat makes it a central mechanic; all player characters are totally invisible, so the only way to work out where your opponents are in order to kill them is to look at their screens.


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