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Magic the Gathering: Battlegrounds is a real time strategy game with some combat elements, very loosely based on the Magic the Gathering card game by Wizards of the Coast.  Other than characters and spells that are from the Magic the Gathering Universe, this game has very little in common with the card game.  For example, the card game is turn based, while this game is real time.


Three duelists fought an epic battle against one another.  The powerful Planeswalker Mishra was almost defeated when The Black Spider, Tsabo Tavoc, revealed that the two of them were secretly allied with each other. Working together they defeated the third unnamed duelist.  As Mishra was claiming his prize of the unnamed duelist's gems they fly off and spread throughout the land.  
You play the part of an unnamed protagonist who is sent out by your mentor to find these gems to defeat Mishra and Tsabo Tavoc.


Magic the Gathering: Battlegrounds has a very fast, in depth, and unique gameplay style.  The battles in the game take place between 2 duelists in an arena that is divided in half down the center.  Similar to the card games players require mana to summon creatures and cast spells.  However, unlike the card game the duelists can attack or summon at any given time during the battle. Mana is gained in orbs which take an extra 3 seconds to obtain with each orb the player gains.  So while it takes 45 seconds to obtain 5 orbs, it will take 2 minutes and 45 seconds to reach 10 orbs. Mana will regenerate over time after a spell has been cast, mana shards can also be collected from defeated creatures to refill the mana bar quicker.    

Game Modes

  • Quest mode: which serves as an extensive tutorial. 
  • Arcade mode: in which 2 players can customise their decks and compete against each other in a variety of different arenas 
  • The game also featured online one on one matches over xbox live.


Players can choose from five different schools of magic-
  • Plains
  • Island
  • Forest
  • Swamp
  • Mountain

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