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    Resident Evil: Dead Aim

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 17, 2003

    Resident Evil: Dead Aim is the fourth game in the Gun Survivor series. It features a unique control scheme with exploration performed in the third person perspective while combat takes place in first person.

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    Resident Evil: Dead Aim is the fourth game in the Gun Survivor series, but is only the third Resident Evil game of the series. The third Gun Survivor game, Dino Stalker, is part of the Dino Crisis series. This game, along with Dino Stalker, are the only two games of the series that were released on consoles in North America and are compatible with the GunCon light guns.


    The game can be controlled either with the GunCon 2 light gun or the standard DualShock 2 controller. Exploration is controlled in a similar manner to the early Resident Evil games. While the camera is not fixed, the character is controlled by the standard tank controls and quick turn. New to the Resident Evil series is the ability to strafe.

    The player can dodge an attack if the sneak button is pressed with the right timing. Combat takes place in the first person, with the ability to exit first person at will. The player's inventory is limited to six slots for ammo, but is unlimited for healing items, key items, and weapons.

    The game is saved at specially placed typewriters throughout the game which is a standard throughout most of the Resident Evil series, however ink ribbons are not required and the game can be saved as desired.


    An Umbrella executive, Morpheus D. Duvall, has turned against the Umbrella Corporation and stolen samples of the T-virus from an Umbrella facility in Paris. He released the virus on an Umbrella cruiser, and Bruce McGivern has been sent in to access the situation and report back to the US government.


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