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    Bullfrog Productions, Ltd.

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    A UK-based PC game studio founded by Les Edgar and Peter Molyneux that developed some of the most highly acclaimed Strategy and Action games of all time.

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    Les Edgar and Peter Molyneux formed Bullfrog Productions in 1987 in Guildford, UK. Their first success was the highly influential "god game", Populous. Bullfrog produced a number of noteworthy titles from the terrain changing Magic Carpet, to the dark and complex Syndicate, and the whimsical park management game that singlehandledly invented the business management genre, Theme Park.

    In 1994, Electronic Arts (EA), Bullfrog's publisher, purchased a large share in Bullfrog Productions and appointed Peter Molyneux VP. In 1995, EA fully aquired all of Bullfrog Productions. Rumours of unrest under EA lead to Peter Molyneux leaving EA/Bullfrog in 1997, going on to found the equally renowned Lionhead Studios, while some key talent also left to form Mucky Foot Productions. Bullfrog Productions' final release was Theme Park, Inc., also known as Theme Park Manager and SimCoaster, in 2001, though their last actual project was Quake III: Revolution, the Playstation 2 port of the popular multiplayer shooter, Quake III: Arena. EA fully absorbed the developer and changed it is name to EA UK in 2004.


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