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    Dungeon Keeper 2

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jun 30, 1999

    "It's Good to be Bad" in Bullfrog's real-time strategy game, Dungeon Keeper 2.

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    Dungeon Keeper 2 is a PC game developed by Bullfrog Productions and published by EA in 1999. It is the sequel to the well received Dungeon Keeper and once again focuses on the player, The Keeper, defeating valiant heroes as well as other enemy keepers. Dungeon Keeper 2 featured a more light-hearted tone compared to its predecessor with many humorous aspects added to creature's personalties as well as lines dropped by the omnipresent Mentor which continuously gives the player hints through the campaign.


    Players are in control of a dungeon and their goal is to defeat the opposing hero/keeper in order to gain victory. They must manage gold and mana reserves as they construct their dungeon and attract creatures into it with different rooms attracting specific creatures. Once a player has creatures in their dungeon they must then manage the creatures and make sure that they are well fed, have a lair in which to sleep in and are paid their wage on pay-day. Creatures can be used both in combat and in the actual dungeon with some being able to research spells and craft items for the player.

    During the game the player is guided by a deep and evil voice known only as "The Mentor" who teaches the player the basics such as construction and combat and provides useful hints and warnings throughout the game for things like payday or when new species of creature enters your dungeon. The Mentor also gives humorous briefings and explanations of the story along with random useless jokes.

    Changes from Dungeon Keeper (Original)

    • Dungeon Keeper used sprites whereas Dungeon Keeper 2 is rendered with 3D polygons.
    • Several new creatures, rooms, spells and traps have been introduced as well as new gameplay mechanics.
    • Spells are now cast with mana instead of gold.
    • Dropped creatures are temporarily stunned making them vulnerable if dropped too close to enemies.
    • The Horned Reaper is now only available to summon via mana rather than being attracted.

    My Pet Dungeon

    My Pet Dungeon is a sandbox game mode in which the player is tasked with creating and maintaining a custom build dungeon with specific goals to accomplish.


    Four maps were initially shipped for the limited multiplayer mode. A subsequent patch increased the number to 8.


    Set in the land of Harmonia, Dungeon Keeper 2's campaign spans across twenty levels each of which introduce new rooms, creatures, spells and traps which the player then learns how to use to full extent. The objective of each level is usually to defeat a Hero or an enemy keeper in order to claim portal gems. Once all twenty portal gems are gathered then the entrance into the outside world will be opened.

    The campaign is presented through a map which the player travels across conquering each land as they progress throughout the campaign.

    Corrupt Map
    Corrupt Map
    Pure Map
    Pure Map

    Level One: Smilesville - "Warcry"

    • Hero: Lord Antonius (Level 1)
    • Rooms Introduced: Hatchery, Lair, Portal, Dungeon Heart
    • Creatures Introduced: Imps, Goblins, Dwarves, Horny
    • Items Introduced: Magical Items
    • Cinematic: Hot Lips

    Level Two: Sing-Song - "Enchantments"

    • Hero: Lord Darius (Level 1)
    • Rooms Introduced: Training Room, Library
    • Creatures Introduced: Warlocks
    • Spells Introduced: Create Imp, Thunderbolt
    • Cinematic: Nunchaku

    Level Three: Ramshackle - "Greed"

    • Hero: Lord Avaricious (Level 1)
    • Rooms Introduced: Workshop, Treasury
    • Creatures Introduced: Troll, Firefly, Thieves
    • Traps Introduced: Sentry Trap
    • Items Introduced: Wooden Door
    • Cinematic: All Change

    Level Four: Shadygrove - "Snipers"*

    • Hero: Lord Ludwig (Level 2)
    • Rooms Introduced: Guard Room
    • Creatures Introduced: Dark Elf
    • Spells Introduced: Possesion
    • Cinematic: Game, Giant

    (*Players are unable to construct a certain room but are able to capture it.)

    Level Five: Elmshadow - "Fear"**

    • Hero: Lord Constantine (Level 4)
    • Creatures Introduced: Skeletons, Wizards
    • Rooms Introduced: Prison, Wooden Bridge
    • Traps Introduced: Fear Trap
    • Cinematic: Baked Beans?

    (**This level features an unlockable secret level.)

    Level Six: Sweetwater - "Besieged/Rout"***

    • Hero: Lord Ironhelm (Level 4)
    • Creatures Introduced: Mistress, Bile Demon
    • Rooms Introduced: Torture Chamber
    • Spells Introduced: Heal
    • Traps Introduced: Barricade, Alarm Trap
    • Items Introduced: First Part of Horny Talisman

    (*** Players are able to chose multiple paths and can chose how to complete this level.)

    Level Seven: Emberglow - "Caverns"

    • Hero: Lord Sigmund
    • Creatures Introduced: Salamanders, Giants
    • Spells Introduced: Sight of Evil, Call To Arms
    • Cinematic: Split Personality

    Level Eight: Snapdragon - "Aftermath"

    • Hero: Lord Titus (Level 5)
    • Creatures: Rogue
    • Rooms Introduced: Casion, Stone Bridge
    • Traps Introduced: Gas Trap
    • Items Introduced: Second Part of Horny Talisman
    • Cinematic: Divided Attention

    Level Nine: Silverstream - "Ambush"

    • Hero: Lord Voss (Level 5)
    • Items Introduced: Braced Door
    • Cinematic: Quick Release

    Level Ten: Woodsong - "Smash"

    • Hero: Lord Ronin
    • Keeper: Asmodeus
    • Creatures Introdcued: Elves
    • Traps Introduced: Spike Trap
    • Cinematic: Chicken & Hyde

    Level Eleven: Sparklydell - "Carnage"***

    • Keeper: Kronos, Drako, Belial, Raksha, Morgana****
    • Items Introduced: Steel Door, Third Part of Horny Talisman
    • Cinematic: Here Chicky, Chicky

    (*** Players are able to chose multiple paths and can chose how to complete this level.)

    (****There are three different combinations of green and blue players, depending on the path chosen: 1 = Kronos as Green player, Belial as Blue player. 2 = Kronos as Blue player, Drako as Green player. 3 = Belial as Blue player, Drako as Green player. Morgana will always be the Yellow player, and Raksha is always the Pink player.)

    Level Twelve: Goldenglade - "Scavange"

    • Keeper: Malachai
    • Creatures Introduced: Vampires
    • Rooms Introduced: Graveyard
    • Cinematic: Feel The Pain

    Level Thirteen: Cherish - "Conversion"

    • Keeper: Malleus
    • Creatures Introduced: Monks
    • Traps Introduced: Freeze Trap
    • Cinematic: A Day At The Office

    Level Fourteen: Peachtree - "Reap"

    • Hero: Lord Tiberius (Level 7)
    • Creatures: Summonable Horny
    • Items Introduced: Magic Door
    • Cinematic: Changes

    Level Fifteen: Fluttershine - "Crusade/Storm"***

    • Hero: Lord Vulstag (Level 7)
    • Creatures Introduced: Black Knight, Fairy
    • Rooms Introduced: Combat Pit
    • Cinematic: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

    (*** Players are able to chose multiple paths and can chose how to complete this level.)

    Level Sixteen: Stonekeep - "Creep"

    • Hero: Lord Pureheart (Level 9)
    • Spells Introduced: Create Gold
    • Items Introduced: Secret Door
    • Cinematic: Director's Cut

    Level Seventeen: Moonshine - "Angelic"

    • Keeper: Harkan, Carrion
    • Creatures Introduced: Dark Angel
    • Rooms Introduced: Temple
    • Cinematic: Boneshaker

    Level Eighteen: Cherry Blossom - "Brotherhood"

    • Keeper: Nemesis
    • Spells Introduced: Inferno
    • Cinematic: Dazed & Confused

    Level Nineteen: Butterscotch - "Interception"

    • Hero: Tristran, Felix, Balder (Level 6, 6, 5.)
    • Cinematic: Outtake 1

    Level Twenty: Heartland - "Regicide"

    • Hero: King Reginald (Level 10)
    • Creatures Introduced: Stone Knights
    • Cinematic: Hot Lips but with Bullfrog logo instead of lips.

    Due to some error the following creatures, rooms, traps, spells etc. are not in the following list:

    • Knight
    • Pikemen
    • Turncoat Spell
    • Guard Post (Trap)
    • Trigger Trap
    • Boulder Trap
    • Lightning Trap
    • Fireburst Trap

    Secret Levels

    There are two secret levels that can be unlocked on Dungeon Keeper 2.


    • Unlocked by: Magical Item
    • Description: Play a three round game of gold for relaxation.

    Imp Invasion

    • Unlocked by: Full Moon
    • Description: Stop the imps from taking over your rooms.


    After the player defeats King Reginald they still have to fight their way past two Stone Knights. The only way to kill these Stone Knights is to summon Horny and have him defeat them. Once they are beaten the game will cut to a cinematic of Horny fighting the Stone Knights after inserting the final portal gem into the locking mechanism. After defeating the knights, Horny gazes at the doorway to the Overworld and steps through it, concealed by a blinding light.



    Worker units which maintain your dungeon's walls by reinforcing them with magic. They will also dig out earth ang gold for you as well as claim land.


    On his own he is a cowardly beast but in a horde he becomes a useful fighting force.

    Attracted by: Lair, Hatchery


    Neccessity's the mother of invention, so 'tis said, and you may find your needs addressed by Warlocks wise who plough through ancients texts and research new spells for you.

    Attracted by: Library

    Hates: Wizards


    The swift light firefly's essential as an airborne scout. His eyes are yours to penetrate dark places and report.

    Attracted by: Lair, Hatchery

    Dark Elf

    Her sniping skills as sharp as the bolted arrows which she shoots. She serves you well in line behind your fighters, and excels in duty as a guard.

    Attracted by: Guard Room

    Hates: Elven Archer


    This fearless set of bones needs neither sleep nor nurishment, it's only urge to kill, and when in battle marches forth and slays without remorse.

    Created in: Prison


    A graceful ancient lizard who cannot be harmed by fire. He'll even wade through lava streams with no impediment.

    Attracted by: Training Room


    He is talented at forcing entry and when possesed can walk unseen.

    Attracted by: Casino

    Hates: Thieves

    Bile Demon

    Acquaint yourself with him - a slavenly beast, whose girth impedes, but size and suborness bear him fruit in battle.

    Attracted by: Workshop


    A beast who's cheated death. And if you train and nurture him, he'll learn to do your bidding.

    Attracted by: Graveyard

    Hates: Monks

    Dark Mistress

    Dangerous and beautiful, The Mistress enjoys torturing your captives and can prove a most terrifying asset on the battlefield.

    Attracted by: Torture Chamber


    A hard working creature, the troll will construct many things for you in his workshop.

    Attracted by: Workshop

    Hates: Dwarves

    Black Knight

    Martyrs of a long failed crusade the black knight longs for the heat of battle and to destory all goodly things in its path.

    Attracted by: Combat Pit

    Hates: Knights

    Dark Angel

    Servants to the Dark Golds of Old they are highly respected creatures and are the most powerful creature any Keeper could dream of commanding.

    Attracted by: Dark Temple


    "Need a little help from time to time? I'm yours to call. But when I come, I come to kill. So make sure it's your enemies I slay. For if the fodder's insufficient and your minions block my wall I'll have their blood for breakfast."

    Created by: Horny Talisman & 100,000 Mana

    The Maiden of the Nest (Made Available via 1.7 Patch)

    Half human and half spider, The Maiden will assist your Warlocks in the Library however she is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield as well.

    Attracted by: Temple


    Each room has its own unique icon (except Dungeon Heart and Portal as they are not eligible for construction:)


    A place where creatures can relax for a moment from their busy lives to gamble and consume alcoholic beverages.

    Combat Pit

    This room is an arena where your creatures prove their prowess in such martial sports. Place two or more therein and watch them fight each other unto death. And thus the victor's trained to higher levels in combat skills.


    Here's where bodies of the dead are brought to fester. Left to rot in unmarked graves, their gory offerings entice vampires.


    A place where creatures subdue their hunger.


    A place where creatures come to rest and restore vitality.


    Where Warlocks wise can hone their evil craft perfecting spells for you to cast at goodly foes.


    A place where imps will drag wounded victims. They'll rot and perish and turn into skeletons.

    Stone Bridge

    Strong and durable it can be placed on lava and will endure.

    The Temple

    A place of worship within the Dungeon where your creatures may pay homage to the Dark Gods of Old. Place a creatures there and it gains extra happiness and also generates more mana.

    Torture Chamber

    The prisoners within, subjected to extremes of agony, will either die revealing secrets as they do, or switch alliegiance to your side.

    Training Room

    A place where fighting creatures hone their skills.


    A place to store extra gold.

    Wooden Bridge

    Used to transport creatures across water and lava but will eventually be destroyed by lava.


    A place where trolls will come for fabrication of the doors and traps which help defend your evil underground creation.

    Guard Room

    Here you may place creatures to take up guard duty. They'll keep a watchful eye around the guard room and report back any intruders.

    Dungeon Heart

    The most precious of all rooms in a dungeon. Without it, there is no dungeon.


    A gateway in which creatures enter and leave your dungeon.


    Peter Molyneux created the first Dungeon Keeper, but he had no direct role in this sequel.

    The game also had a planned sequel, Dungeon Keeper 3. A trailer was even included in Dungeon Keeper 2, but it never came to fruition. Bullfrog Productions dissolved before the sequel could be finished.

    The Mentor will drop random lines to amuse you:

    • "One of your imps does a great impression of you. He can even do the ears."
    • "The very rock yawns with anticipation of your next fascinating move."
    • "Micro-piglets stalk your dungeon. Beware!"
    • "Your creatures are pleased with your dungeon's effciency."
    • "Your creatures like your style."
    • "Your creatures rate you as their all-time favourite keeper."

    If you play the game and your computer's time is set to 3 AM extra Mentor lines will unlock:

    • "You know that downy-soft item of furnicture in the next room? It has the power to cure fatigue and restore vitality."
    • "Your nocturnal perseverance has earned you a hidden gaming tip. GO TO BED!"

    System Requirements

    • Processor: Pentium II 166 MHz
    • RAM Memory: 32 MB
    • Video Card: 2 MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive Space: 300 MB
    • DirectX: 6.0

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