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    Duke Nukem 3D

    Game » consists of 30 releases. Released Jan 29, 1996

    Kill countless aliens while rescuing babes as Duke Nukem in this critically acclaimed first-person shooter.

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    An alien invasion has begun on Earth. The aliens are turning police officers into Pig Cops, abducting women and impregnating them with alien fetal spawn, and generally causing massive death and destruction across a variety of locations. As Duke Nukem, players will make use of a variety of unique weapons, such as the Devastator, Shrink-ray or Freezethrower, all in the name of saving Earth's women and busting alien skulls. For the first time in the series, the franchise was taken to a first-person perspective and took the big rival franchise of Doom head-on. The gaming market was filled with first-person shooters at the time of release, but Duke Nukem 3D's unique mix of setting, attitude, and sense of humor made the game into an instant hit.


    The first level of the game.
    The first level of the game.

    Duke Nukem 3D was a technical step forward for the first-person shooter genre at the time of release. The player was able to crouch, jump, and look up and down, which allows for more interesting level design and enemy placements than was previously seen in other games in the genre. To complete a level, the player must find the exit marker, which is depicted as a nuclear symbol, and press it. To reach the exit, the player must often search the level for key cards and open their corresponding doors. Unlike many other games in the genre at the time of release, the levels of Duke Nukem 3D took place in relate-able and recognizable real-world locations such as movie theaters, streets, Chinese restaurants, and even strip clubs.

    Another aspect of the level design that made Duke Nukem 3D stand out from other games in the genre at the time of release, was the unseen high amount of interactivity the player had with the game-world. Players have various ways of interacting with the environment; light switches can be turned on/off, urinals can be used, water can be drunk, strippers can be tipped, etc.

    Duke Nukem frequently spouts one-liners; the majority of which are lifted directly from various movies with heavy cult followings like Big Trouble in Little China, Army of Darkness, They Live, and others.

    Duke Nukem 3D contains a big roster of enemies ranging from simple sharks to huge missile-firing Assault Commanders. The enemies all have different characteristics and attributes, which allowed the designers to create interesting combinations to challenge the player. To overcome the enemies, the player had a wide range of very different and unique weapons at his disposal. Besides the traditional firearms such as a pistol and a shotgun, Duke Nukem 3D includes many innovative weapons such as the shrink ray, pipe bombs and the freezethrower.

    To further aid the player in their victory, the game includes various different useable items such as first aid kit, scuba gear, body armor; and more unconventional items such as Holoduke, steroids, and a jetpack. The Holoduke allows the player to place a copy of themself in the world for a limited time to confuse enemies, the Steroids allow the player to move faster for a limited time, and the jetpack enables the player to fly within the boundaries of the levels.


    Co-operative play.
    Co-operative play.

    Duke Nukem 3D on the PC offers multiplayer via LAN and modem-based services for up to 8 players. The game's multiplayer can take place on the levels from the game's single-player as well as some included multiplayer-only levels. The included editor also allows the players to play on their own created levels. Duke Nukem 3D shipped with two modes of multiplayer, and a third was added in the Plutonium Pak.

    • Co-operative allows the players to team up and play single-player levels together.
    • Dukematch is the deathmatch of Duke Nukem 3D. The first player to reach a certain score, or being on top of the scoreboard when the time runs out, is declared the winner. It is also possible to set up teams, so that the players both have allies and enemies in the same match.
    • Duke Tag is akin to the capture the flag game mode. This game mode is not available from any menu, but is in fact hidden in level E4L10. If the level in Dukematch is started with at least four players present, a switch at the starting area of player 1 will become visible. Pressing this switch will enable Duke Tag mode, and the players will have to choose whether they want to be on Green or Brown team by walking into a teleporter.

    When a game is in progress it is possible to communicate with the other players by typing chat messages. It is additionally possible to taunt the other players by making use of the game's 12 pre-recorded Duke Nukem one-liners. These can be played by pressing "Alt" + "F1"-"F12" during play.


    Almost as important as the game itself was Duke Nukem 3D's use of Ken Silverman's Build Engine. The Build Engine allowed for rooms to be built directly above another, sloped surfaces, and even moving geometry. The player is able to interact with the environment in revolutionary ways, causing buildings to collapse, blasting holes in walls, riding moving tramways, as well as other ways to interact with the environment.

    Continued Development by Fans

    The High Resolution Pack for Duke Nukem 3D.
    The High Resolution Pack for Duke Nukem 3D.

    The source code for Duke Nukem 3D v1.5 was released as open-source on April 1st 2003, and fans quickly begun porting the game to different operating systems. As of 2010, the game supports online multiplayer and several 3D engines exist which allow the game to be enjoyed by fans with newer, higher quality graphics - the most popular being EDuke32. To further enhance the visual quality of the game, a community project is creating high-resolution textures and 3D models for the game.


    In the wake of Duke Nukem 3D's success, the game received four expansion packs:

    • Plutonium Pak was the first expansion pack for Duke Nukem 3D and the only one created by 3D Realms themselves. The expansion added the 4th episode "The Birth" consisting of 11 new levels, and introduced a new weapon (the Microwave Expander), two new types of enemies, and a new boss. The Plutonium Pak upgrades Duke Nukem 3D from version 1.13d to version 1.4 which is dubbed "The Atomic Edition".
    • Duke it out in D.C. was developed by Sunstorm Interactive and was the first expansion pack not developed by 3D Realms. This expansion adds a new episode, in which Duke Nukem heads to the white house to save President Clinton. This expansion did not alter any of the enemy types or weapons.
    • Duke: Nuclear Winter was developed by Simply Silly Software with permission from 3D Realms. The expansion added a new episode in which Duke Nukem heads to the North Pole to kill an alien-controlled Santa Claus. The expansion adds new enemies, such as snowmen and elves, and new music.
    • Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach was the second expansion developed by Sunstorm Interactive and the last official expansion for Duke Nukem 3D. The expansion adds a new Caribbean-themed episode with areas like hotels, swimming pools, and beaches. Furthermore, the expansion altered the visual appearance of every weapon and enemy.


    The enemy roster of Duke Nukem 3D consists primarily of different types of aliens with aid from mechanical/robotic machinery. The enemies are shown as 2D sprites in-game due to the limitation of the Build Engine, which mean they appear as flat and paper-like. In the Nintendo 64 version, the last boss (the Cycloid Emperor) was remade as a fully 3D polygonal model. The enemies are listed in order of appearance.

    Standard Enemies

    The standard enemies populate the levels of Duke Nukem 3D. Six enemies are introduced in the game's first episode, five in the second, one in the third, and two in the fourth.

    Assault Trooper

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    One of the weakest and most common enemies in the game. The assault troopers often appear in groups and have the ability to use a jet-pack to attack the player from different altitudes, but their low amount of HP prevents them from becoming a serious threat to the player; a single shotgun blast, or a few pistol rounds, is enough to kill it. Despite using alien laser guns for their attacks, they may drop Pistol ammo upon death for the player to pick up.

    Assault Captain

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    An upgraded version of the assault trooper. They have the same amount of HP as the Assault Trooper, but instead of having the ability to use a jet-pack, they can teleport. Upon using the teleportation skill, the Assault Captain will disappear for a few seconds, only to appear again - usually behind the player if possible. Just like the assault troopers, the assault captains may drop pistol ammo upon death despite using alien laser guns for their attacks.

    Pig Cop

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    The pig cop is, together with the assault trooper and the assault captain, one of the most commonly encountered enemies in the game. They are depicted as pig-mutated members of the police force. They are armed with shotguns which makes them a serious threat for the player at close quarters. They are twice as tough as the assault trooper and captain, and require two shotgun blasts to kill. May drop a shotgun or a used body armor upon death.


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    The damage of this rarely-encountered enemy is low, but they're often placed in hard-to-reach spots, which makes them dangerous to an unaware player. Due to their small size, they are hard to hit with conventional firearms without getting too close. The players best bet is to use explosive weaponry.

    Recon Patrol Vehicle

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    Although encountered in one of the first levels of Duke Nukem 3D, this enemy is one of the rarest in the game. Their damage is the same as a turret, but they are much tougher and can take a high amount of damage before the vehicle crashes to the ground. From the exploding wreckage, a pig cop pilot will emerge and continue to attack the player just like a regular pig cop.


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    These eight-brained monsters will attack the player by shooting plasma matter towards the player. They will even bite the player if he gets too close. Their plasma attack travels slowly through the air and are easy for the player to dodge. The octabrains have no legs and are floating slowly though the air instead. Their head is covered with thick skin and are one of the toughest standard enemies in the game in terms of amount of hit points.

    Assault Enforcer

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    This enemy type is first encountered in the game's second episode, "Lunar Apocalypse". Assault enforcers are agile lizard-like aliens that are able to jump, which make them able to traverse ledges. They use a chaingun as their primary form of attack and will occasionally spit acid at the player, which will both deals damage and obscures the vision for a short amount of time. The assault enforcers are about as tough as the pig cops and may drop ammunition for the ripper chaingun, or even the weapon itself, upon death.

    Sentry Drone

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    This enemy type is a slow-moving aerial bomb. Once they sense the player is in proximity, they will emit a distinctive sound and head right towards him. When the sentry drone reaches the player, it will self-destruct and deal a high amount of damage. The sentry drones should therefore be a target of high priority for the player in any given battle. The sentry drones are quite tough and can take a lot of damage before exploding. Whenever a sentry drone is hit by the player, they will slow down noticeable which allows for the player to keep them at bay.

    Protozoid Egg & Slimer

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    The protozoid eggs aren't a threat to the player until they hatch. They usually hatch when the player comes within a certain range of them and unleash a protozoid slimer. The slimers are slow-moving, but they are able to crawl on ceilings as well as the floor and are able to quickly transition from one surface to the other. When they reach the player, they will block the screen and attacking with a low-damage bite. The slimers are very weak and die instantly from any damage source, and they often appear in high numbers.

    Assault Commander

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    The Assault Commander is one of the toughest types of enemies in the game. It has a high amount of HP and he fires missiles towards the player as his primary attack. The missiles are somewhat slow-moving, but they deal a high amount of damage in a large radius on impact. If the player moves into melee distance of an Assault Commander, it will start spinning its blade-equipped platform and damaging the player. Assault Commanders are an aerial enemy and can follow the player anywhere. Once the Assault Commander has spotted the player, it can be heard making grunt noises and the occasional taunt "Suck it down!" and "Die, human!"


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    The only enemy in the game from Earth. Sharks are rarely encountered throughout the game, as they can only appear in pools of water. Their only attack is a melee attack and even in water they are very slow-moving. Sharks have a low amount of hit points, which makes them one of the easiest enemies to kill in Duke Nukem 3D.

    Protector Drone

    Added in the Plutonium Pak.

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    The toughest standard enemy the player will encounter in the entire game. Protector drones have a high amount of hit points, are fast-moving, and deals a lot of damage. They primarily use their melee attack, but occasionally they will shoot a Shrink-ray projectile towards the player. This projectile has the same effect as the shrink ray weapon the player possesses, which mean the player will become shrunk if he gets hit by the projectile. Should this happen, every enemy in will attempt to step on and squish the player, which results in an instant death. As protector drones were added to Duke Nukem 3D in the Plutonium Pak, they only appear in the fourth episode.

    Pig Cop Tank

    Added in the Plutonium Pak.

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    A pig cop driving a single-seated riot tank. Just like the recon patrol vehicle, a pig cop will appear and fight on when the vehicle gets destroyed. The pig cop tank are slow-moving, slow-turning, deals a moderate amount of damage, and have a very high amount of hit points. They do, however, have a weak spot on their back. This, combined with their slow turning speed, allows the player to circle around them and attack them from behind. As pig cop tanks were added to Duke Nukem 3D in the Plutonium Pak, they only appear in the fourth episode.

    Boss Enemies

    At the end of each episode, the player will have to fight a boss-type enemy. These boss fights often take place in arena-like surroundings with lots of weaponry and ammunition for the player to pick up.


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    The Battlelord is first seen at the end of episode 1 and his death marks the end of said episode. He is wielding a huge chaingun with an attached grenade launcher, which makes him very dangerous to the player. Being a boss-type enemy, the Battlelord has a very high amount of hit points. This, combined with the high damage output, forces the player into a battle of resources, where he continuously have to collect health items and ammunition to ensure the boss drops dead before the player himself.

    As with all bosses, actually touching the massive beast results in instantaneous death. In the later episodes, Duke will encounter Mini-Battlelords, which are visually identical, lesser versions of the Battlelord with less health and without the ability to crush Duke on contact. The Mini-Battlelords are the the toughest non-boss enemies.


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    The Overlord is the leader of the alien invasion force stationed on the moon, and is the last boss of the second episode in Duke Nukem 3D. He has a huge fast-firing dual rocket launcher attached to his back, which is his only way of attacking the player. Although the Overlord constantly barrages the player with incoming missiles, the Overlord is proclaimed to be the easiest boss in the game, since his attacks can be avoided by simply circle-strafing around him.

    Like other bosses, he has a large amount of hit points, high damage output, and can instantaneously kill the player if he gets too close. Unlike the Battlelord, the Overlord only appears once in Duke Nukem 3D. He did, however, appear in a weaker state on some levels in the Nintendo 64 version. The Overlord's real claim to fame was when Duke Nukem threatened him with: "I'm gonna rip off your head and shit down your neck.", a threat he carried out in the end-of-episode cutscene.

    Cycloid Emperor

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    The final and most powerful boss of the original three episodes of Duke Nukem 3D. The Cycloid Emperor is the leader of the alien force, and the final battle takes place on en American football stadium. When attacking he uses one of his robotic arms to rapidly fire missiles towards the player. The Cycloid Emperor's missiles are moving faster than the Overlord's, which makes them harder for the player to avoid. Similar to the primary attack of the octabrains, the Cycloid Emperor is able to shoot plasma matter at the player through his mouth. Like the other end-of episode bosses before him, the Cycloid Emperor can instantly kill the player if the player gets too close.

    After the Cycloid Empreror dies, a cutscene is shown. The cutscene features Duke Nukem kicking the back of the Cycloid Emperor's head so hard that his eye rockets out and sails between the uprights, causing Duke to throw his arms up in the traditional touchdown-gesture and triumphantly shout "Game over!".

    Alien Queen

    Added in the Plutonium Pak.

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    The final boss of the episode added in the Plutonium Pak. The Alien Queen is the mother of all Protector Drones (the new alien threat), and it is Duke Nukem's goal of the episode to kill her. The final battle takes place under water in an alien cave-like environment, and the Alien Queen will occasionally give birth to additional Protector Drones throughout the fight. She has a lightning attack with a large range, and the player will die instantaneously if he gets too close.

    Since the player will have to deal with the additional protector drones, the Alien Queen herself does not have that many hit points compared to the other bosses, but the situation is still a challenge to the player. Not only does he have to kill the Alien Queen, he is also required to take care of the Protector Drones and make sure he doesn't run out of air.


    Mighty Boot

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    Can be used when Duke's either out of ammo. Duke Nukem is able to kick alien monsters in the face, while he's shooting them at the same time. Truly the ultimate alien ass kicker. Since this is the unarmed weapon of the game, the damage is rather low. The quick kick (which can be immediately triggered no matter what weapon is currently in-hand), however, is a nice addition to damage whenever an enemy is up close.


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    The most basic weapon in the game. Whenever Duke's low on ammo, or simply want to save the powerful weapons for a better time, don't hesitate to use the pistol. Its damage is low, it is fast-firing and accurate, making it a reliable all-around weapon.


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    The shotgun is generally considered the "workhorse" of the game, doing most of the hard work. The damage is - like any shotgun - great up close, but rather dull at longer distances. It's able to kill most enemies in the game with one or two direct hits, and ammo is plentiful.

    Ripper Chaingun

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    The Ripper, like the pistol is a rapid-fire bullet weapon. It does more damage and fires faster than the pistol, but has reduced accuracy and scarcer ammo. Most enemies will no fare well against the Ripper, their health rapid depleting. Weaker enemies are eviscerated almost instantly.


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    This unbelievably powerful weapon is a danger to everyone - including Duke. One misfired rocket into a wall, and he's dead. It's often a good idea to save the ammo for very hard encounters (e.g. boss fights).

    Pipe Bomb

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    The pipe bomb is the grenade of Duke Nukem 3D. When tossed, Duke pulls out a remote detonator, and upon pressing the fire button again, blows up the pipe bomb. The explosive damage of the pipe bombs are massive. Players are able to pick up a thrown pipe bomb to cancel out of the detonation prompt. Pipe bombs can also be detonated by being shot, and players who have thrown a pipe bomb can press the 6 button again to bring up another pipe bomb without detonating the first one. Upon hitting the big red detonator, all pipe bombs the player has placed will simultaneously explode. This can be used to set large clusters of pipe bombs as a trap for aliens or unsuspecting players.

    Shrink Ray

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    The Shrink Ray is a unique weapon, and is an iconic weapon in the Duke Nukem franchise. It does exactly what it says on the box - shrinks enemies to the size of an action figure. After doing this, the player can run up to the victim and stomp him into goo. When he's the victim of the shrink ray, Duke moves extra fast and are unable to attack. He can, however, still use items (medkit, holoduke etc.), while fleeing the feet of his enemies. There are certain points in the game where Duke himself must be shrunk in order to get through small areas. There is a time limit when Duke is shrunk and if he is in a place too small for normal Duke, he will die upon expanding back to normal size.


    No Caption Provided

    The devastator is a double-barrelled fully automatic rocket launcher able to clear a room of enemies in seconds. Its firing rate is quick, and though its ordinance does less damage than the RPG, it has a higher DPS. However, the ammo for this weapon is relatively scarce.

    Laser Tripbomb

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    The laser trip mines are mines that are placed on any wall by the player, creating a beam that extends to the other side of the wall. When an enemy crosses the beam, the laser mine explodes. Valve had their own version of the laser trip mine in Half-Life, but it was practically identical. In practice, the laser trip mine was of limited usefulness, as the explosion was only the size and strength of an RPG blast, and it only came from the mine itself. In the single-player mode, it was only ever deployed in areas where the explosion would hurt or kill Duke, but in multiplayer, it could easily be placed on a open area where a player could set it off far enough away from the mine that they take no damage.


    No Caption Provided

    The freezethrower is an automatic weapon that fires ice crystals, which freeze victims solid. When frozen, any sort of damage will instantly kill them. When walking up to a frozen enemy, Duke will automatically shatter them with a kick. In addition, the ice crystals ricochet off walls, giving them the tactical ability to be shot bounced around corners as well as the danger of self freezing. The freezethrower's ice crystals will only hurt a victim until they reach 1 HP, at which point they will be frozen. Players can save ammo by hurting them with regular weapons before using the freezethrower to finish them off, or use the freezethrower to weaken the enemy to the point of becoming frozen, then shooting the enemy to shatter and kill it.

    Microwave Expander

    Added in the Plutonium Pak.

    No Caption Provided

    The new microwave expander weapon looks a lot like the Shrinker from the original game, but instead of a green glowing crystal it's equipped with a red crystal and a small satellite. Compared to the shrinker from the original game, the expander does the exact opposite: expands enemies until their bodies burst. The burst even deals damage to nearby enemies, making the Expander one of the coolest and funniest weapons in the Duke Nukem arsenal.

    Episodes & Levels

    Duke Nukem 3D and Plutonium Pak level designers:

    Since the game followed the famous shareware-model, the game was released in episodes. Duke Nukem 3D consisted of three episodes at the time of release: L.A. Meltdown, Lunar Apocalypse and Scrapnel City. A fourth episode, The Birth, was later added to the game in the Plutonium Pak. Following is a list of the game's four episodes with included designer credit:

    Episode 1: L.A. Meltdown

    1. AB - Hollywood Holocaust
    2. AB - Red Light District
    3. AB - Death Row
    4. AB - Toxic Dump
    5. LL - The Abyss
    6. AB - Launch Facility (Secret level. Reached from Toxic Dump)

    Episode 2: Lunar Apocalypse

    1. AB - Space Port
    2. LL - Incubator
    3. LL - Warp Factor
    4. AB - Fusion Station
    5. AB - Occupied Territory
    6. AB - Tiberius Station
    7. AB - Lunar Reactor
    8. AB - Dark Side
    9. AB - Overlord
    10. LL - Spin Cycle (Secret level. Reached from Occupied Territory)
    11. LL - Lunatic Fringe (Secret level. Reached from Dark Side)

    Episode 3: Shrapnel City

    1. LL - Raw Meat
    2. LL - Bank Roll
    3. LL - Flood Zone
    4. LL - L.A. Rumble
    5. LL - Movie Set
    6. LL - Rabid Transit
    7. LL - Fahrenheit
    8. LL - Hotel Hell
    9. AB - Stadium
    10. LL - Tier Drops (Secret level. Reached from Movie Set)
    11. AB - Freeway (Secret level. Reached from Hotel Hell)

    Episode 4: The Birth (Added in the Plutonium Pak)

    The aliens have returned, and Duke most once again save the world. This time by killing the alien Queen. Although Duke Nukem 3D received four expansion packs, this episode is only one considered canon.

    1. RP - It's Impossible
    2. AB - Duke-Burger
    3. GB - Shop-N-Bag
    4. AB - Babe Land
    5. LL - Pigsty
    6. AB - Going Postal
    7. LL - XXX-Stacy
    8. KS - Critical Mass
    9. LL - Derelict
    10. RP - The Queen
    11. RP - Area 51 (Secret level. Entered from Pigsty)

    Ports & other Versions

    Nintendo 64

    Duke Nukem 64
    Duke Nukem 64

    Duke Nukem 64 is a port of Duke Nukem 3D for the Nintendo 64 by Eurocom. Released on October 31, 1997, Duke Nukem 64 featured a number of major and minor changes to the game to make it more suitable for its new platform and audience. Some of these changes were superficial censorship edits to fit better with Nintendo's family-friendly policies while others were governed by the technical limitations of the platform.

    Some of the most obvious alterations to the game are the removal of Duke Nukem 3D's more controversial elements. All women have been given additional layers of clothing, strippers won't actually strip, Duke never uses profanity or makes lewd comments, steroids have been renamed to "Vitamin X", and pornography on TV and movie screens have been replaced with alternate content. Some mature locations were replaced, such as the pornography store being replaced by a gun store and a strip club being replaced by a warehouse. Captive women in alien pods were left in the game (though with more 'pod' added to better cover their nudity) and, instead of killing them, Duke saves them by "teleporting" them - this counts towards a new end level goal.

    Some of the sexual references were replaced in this version.
    Some of the sexual references were replaced in this version.

    The new engine for the Nintendo 64 includes new elements not seen in any other version at the cost of technical limitations. The game is no longer played in episodes, just as one long sequence of levels. Some aliens and levels along with the new weapon from the Atomic Edition of Duke Nukem 3D have been added. Most of the maps have received a large number of modifications to them. (Such as a new area in the Red Light District level) Most of the graphics for the weapons and the enemies have been replaced. Some polygonal 3D effects have been added, such as advanced explosion and smoke effects. However, skyboxes are simple one color textures and mirror effects were not implemented. Music was completely removed from the game, with the exception of the memorable title theme.

    The game also adds local multiplayer via splitscreen for up to four players on dukematch and two players on co-operative, along with the addition of bots. Three of the weapons from the original game are replaced (dual-wielded SMGs replace the ripper chaingun cannon, a grenade launcher replaces the RPG, a plasma cannon replaces the freezethrower, and a missile launcher replacing the devastator). Some weapons have alternate ammo, such as the missile launcher gaining heat seeking missiles, the handgun firing powerful dum-dum rounds, and the shotgun firing explosive shells.

    Sega Saturn

    Duke Nukem 3D for the Sega Saturn.
    Duke Nukem 3D for the Sega Saturn.

    Duke Nukem 3D for the Sega Saturn was developed by Lobotomy Software and published in 1997 by Sega (the last game under its Deep Water label for adult games). It featured a unique in-house engine, dubbed SlaveDriver, previously used in the Sega Saturn port of PowerSlave. The engine allowed enhanced lighting effects and a unique viewpoint tilt while turning and strafing, at the cost of "level splitting" (where Toxic Dump, Fusion Station, Dark Side, The Abyss, and Overlord are split into two levels) and no moving sectors (such as the train cars in Rabid Transit). The game also featured online multiplayer via the Sega NetLink accessory for up to two players in DukeMatch or Co-operative.

    The game, like the Nintendo 64 version, is no longer played in episode, just as one long sequence of levels. The player can no longer save at any point during the gameplay, only after a level has been completed. The game also features a new secret joke level, named Urea 51, which is reached from Fahrenheit. All of the remastered music were arranged by Scott Branston.

    Also featured in the Sega Saturn version is a hidden game, named Death Tank Zwei. It is the sequel to the hidden bonus game, Death Tank, from the Saturn version of PowerSlave and the predecessor to Death Tank for the Xbox Live Arcade. The game was accessed either by playing through the main game, smashing every single toilet in the game, or by having save data from the Sega Saturn port of Quake. The game is a 2D multiplayer real-time tank shooter similar to Scorched Earth, supporting up to seven players at a time. A limited version of Death Tank Zwei was included in Death Tank for the Xbox Live Arcade.


    Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown.
    Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown.

    Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown (also known simply as "Duke Nukem" in Europe) is a direct port of Duke Nukem 3D for the PlayStation released in September 30, 1997 (for the U.S.). It contains the original three episodes along with an additional unique episode called "Plug and Pray", which added six new levels (complete with new music, graphics, and enemies) parodying games at the time (like Wipeout and Resident Evil). All the new enemies are variants of older enemies, such as blue-colored Assault Troopers, underwater Sentry Drones, and variants of Pig Cops. The episode also contains a new end boss (CyberKeef, who is similar to the Battlelord) All of the original music was remastered by Mark Knight.

    The Plug and Pray episode consists of:

    • Level 1: Nightmare Zone
    • Level 2: Trackside Tragedy
    • Level 3: Gates Motel
    • Level 4: Duke Royale
    • Level 5: Alien Rendezvous
    • Level 6: Ministry of Fear
    • Secret Level: Faces of Death (reached from Alien Rendezvous) (can be found in Duke Nukem 3D with cheats or multiplayer)

    Duke Nukem 3D for
    Duke Nukem 3D for

    Duke Nukem 3D for the, developed by Tiger Electronics and released on January 1, 1997, is a loose adaptation of the PC game and is the first portable Duke Nukem game ever released. Due to the limitations of the platform, it was significantly altered from the PC version. Player movement was degenerated to the point of walking forwards and backwards and strafing left and right. By pressing either B or C, players could briefly turn left and right to shoot, but there was no way to permanently turn to face in another direction. The game engine was primitive, with orthogonal walls, only 4 weapons (Boot, Pistol, Shotgun, and RPG), only 4 enemies (assault troopers, pig cops, enforcers, and octobrains), and no items except for keycards, armor, and a health kit. The game came with 12 levels that were either completely linear or had a point that loops around the level, due to the control limitations.

    Mega Drive

    Duke Nukem 3D for the Mega Drive
    Duke Nukem 3D for the Mega Drive

    Duke Nukem 3D for the Sega Mega Drive is an obscure port that was developed and released by Tec Toy in 1998 in Brazil only. The game engine was drastically simplified to conform to the console's hardware, and came with 9 levels that were loose adaptations of the "Lunar Apocalypse" episode.

    Xbox Live Arcade

    Duke Nukem 3D for XBLA
    Duke Nukem 3D for XBLA

    Duke Nukem 3D was released for the Xbox 360 over Xbox Live Arcade on September 24th, 2008 for 800 Microsoft Points ($10). The game is a direct port of the Atomic Edition of Duke Nukem 3D, adding new features such as automatically recording and saving game demos (and uploading a size-limited demo for Xbox Live friends to watch) and a new "rewind" ability, which allows Duke to respawn at any previous time point. Unfortunately, the game offers no local multiplayer, but allows Co-operative or Dukematch on Xbox Live for up to 8 players.

    The game features 12 achievements worth 200 gamerscore, with only 3 of those achievements requiring Dukematch play over Xbox Live. The game also features 2 unlockable gamerpics, one for loading the game (a portrait of Duke Nukem smirking) and one for unlocking all achievements (the biohazard symbol).

    On September 29th, 2008, VGChartz announced that Duke Nukem 3D had sold 40,000 units in 1 week -- making it the first game to beat Castle Crashers, which sold 19,000 units in its first week.


    This port features the three main episodes of the original Duke Nukem 3D. This version suffers from technical issues and doesn't include the in-game music. The framerate drops low when there are several enemies on screen, or even just several moving objects (in Episode 1 Mission 3, for example, the moving gears on the way to the blue key card slow it down), and mirrors slow it down as well (though there is an option to turn this off). The game is controlled using two touch-sensitive areas in each side of the screen. It can be switched to analog thumbsticks or digital touch areas, where one side of the screen is movement and the other is for aiming. Both have their ups and downs, but if the player can get used to the analog controls, they may be a better option.

    Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded

    A fan project to remake the entirety of Duke Nukem 3D using the Unreal Engine 3. Green-lighted by Gearbox Software (the current owners of the Duke Nukem IP,) Duke Nukem 3D: Reloaded aims to use current technology to faithfully recreate the original game. Although it is unknown how long the project will take, multiple renders and concept art is available on the site, as well as updates from the team responsible for the task.


    The soundtrack was composed by Lee Jackson and Robert Prince (a.k.a Bobby Prince). Both were previously employed at id Software; working on such titles as Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen and Doom & Doom II.

    There are a total of 42 tracks found in the game's files. Each level has it's own track, and so does the title screen, the opening cinematic for The Birth, and the multiplayer-only level 'Episode 1, Level 7'. The midi files themselves use the EMIDI format, designed by Lee Jackson and Jim Dose.

    NoTrack NameComposerLevelNotes
    1GrabbagLee JacksonTitle Screen / Main Menu / Main Theme
    2StalkerLee JacksonE1L1: Hollywood Holocaust
    3Taking the Death TollRobert PrinceE1L2: Red Light District
    4The City StreetsRobert PrinceE1L3: Death Row
    5Water WorldRobert PrinceE1L4: Toxic Dump
    6Sneaky SnakeRobert PrinceE1L5: The Abyss
    7The Call of DeathRobert PrinceE1L6: Launch FacilitySecret level
    8Ah, Geez!Lee JacksonE1L7: Faces of DeathDukematch-only level
    9Future Military ConquestsLee JacksonE2L1: Spaceport
    10Space StormRobert PrinceE2L2: Incubator
    11Gut WrencherRobert PrinceE2L3: Warp Factor
    12RoboCreepingLee JacksonE2L4: Fusion Station
    13Stalag 3-DLee JacksonE2L5: Occupied Territory
    14Pissed!Robert PrinceE2L6: Tiberius Station
    15Aliens, Say Your Prayers!Robert PrinceE2L7: Lunar Reactor
    16PlasmaLee JacksonE2L8: Dark Side
    17Alfred H. (My Family's Plot)Lee JacksonE2L9: Overlord
    18GloomyLee JacksonE2L10: Spin CycleSecret level 1
    19In TentsLee JacksonE2L11: Lunatic FringeSecret level 2
    20In HidingRobert PrinceE3L1: Raw Meat
    21Going After the Fat CommanderRobert PrinceE3L2: Bank Roll
    22Taking NamesRobert PrinceE3L3: Flood Zone
    23SubwayRobert PrinceE3L4: L.A. Rumble
    24InvaderRobert PrinceE3L5: Movie Set
    25GothamLee JacksonE3L6: Rabid Transit
    26233.778 CelsiusLee JacksonE3L7: Fahrenheit
    27Lord of L.A.Robert PrinceE3L8: Hotel Hell
    28Urban JungleLee JacksonE3L9: Stadium
    29SpookRobert PrinceE3L10: Tier DropsSecret level 1
    30WhompLee JacksonE3L11: FreewaySecret level 2
    31Briefing RoomLee JacksonOpening Cinematic, the Birth
    32Missing? Impossible!Lee JacksonE4L1: It's Impossible
    33Preparation DLee JacksonE4L2: Duke Burger
    34Baked GoodsLee JacksonE4L3: Shop-N-Bag
    35Calypso FactorLee JacksonE4L4: Babe Land
    36Lemon ChilllllllllllllllllLee JacksonE4L5: Pigsty
    37Pissed Office BoxLee JacksonE4L6: Going Postal
    38WarehausLee JacksonE4L7: XXX-Stacy
    39Layers of DustLee JacksonE4L8: Critical Mass
    40FloghornLee JacksonE4L9: Derelict
    41DepartureLee JacksonE4L10: The Queen
    42Restricted AreaLee JacksonE4L11: Area 51Secret level


    • Duke Nukem Forever - Community website with news, forums, information and downloads.
    • Duke Nukem Repository - Bunch of maps, mods, tools and tutorials.
    • EDuke32 - Popular source port for modern operating systems.
    • Meltdown - Multiplayer service for Duke3D, Shadow Warrior, and Blood.

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