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    Tec Toy Indústria de Brinquedos S.A.

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    Tectoy S.A. (previously Tec Toy) is a Brazillian company that holds the licence to produce old Sega (like the Master System and MegaDrive aka Genesis) consoles and Karaoke/DVD player

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    Tec Toy was founded by Daniel Dazcal in 1987. They were the officially licensed distributors and publishers of SEGA products including console hardware and games in South America, which included selective regionalization of games into Portuguese. They would sometimes alter the licensed games drastically to increase the appeal for the Brazilian / South American market. For example, changing the protagonist character from a boy to a girl, who was in turn a Brazilian comic book character. Other games regionalized (yet not altered) included the Phantasy Star series, Riven and Shining in the Darkness. Due to this regional marketing effort, SEGA was and still is a very popular gaming platform. As of today, the company is still active, yet broadened the product array to include other electronic hardware such as MP3 Players, Audio Systems or Karaoke Machines. Due to regional economic conditions, the production of old Master Systems and Mega Drive is still going on via Tec Toy, although the technology is updated and the console systems now include a built-in selection of games.

    Tec Toy is also one of the companies behind the Zeebo.


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