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    Eurocom Entertainment Software

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    UK based developer primarily producing licensed games for all current platforms.

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    Eurocom closed down in December 2012 with the loss of 200 jobs. The company had faced financial problems following a drop in sales of console games and the loss of several major contracts.

    The firm laid off 155 employees several weeks before closing down and an additional 42 job losses were announced on Friday December 7th 2012.

    Eurocom was founded in 1988 by Mat Sneap, Tim Rogers, Neil Baldwin, Ian Sneap and Hugh Binns. Eurocom employed over 270 people at their studio on the outskirts of Derby, UK. They were an independent developer with over 20 years of history in developing games on a range of platforms, they created over 70 games. The first game Eurocom ever developed was Magician for the NES. Their earlier games were mainly ports of existing titles to other platforms, such as Sensible Soccer on the Game Gear, Super Street Fighter II Turbo on the PC and Duke Nukem 3D on the N64.

    Before the company folded, rather than handling ports, they developed original games based on existing film and sports licenses, such as Beijing 2008, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and Ice Age 2. They also designed some games that were not based on an existing property such as Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. In July 2008 they invited members of the public to have 3D scans of their faces taken for use in forthcoming games, offering £50 to successful applicants. They also had their own motion capture studio which they offered the services of to paying customers.


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