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    Super Street Fighter II Turbo

    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released Feb 23, 1994

    The fifth iteration of Street Fighter II makes further changes to each characters' movelist while rebalancing the game and adding a new Super Meter (with a Super Combo attack for each fighter), adjustable game speed settings, and a hidden final boss.

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    He is waiting for you....
    He is waiting for you....

    Super Street Fighter II Turbo (known in Japan as Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge) is a 2D fighting game developed by Capcom and released for arcades (running CPS-2 hardware) on February 23, 1994.

    The fifth official iteration of Street Fighter II builds upon Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers by adding new moves (such as the Super Combo, a special powerful technique for all characters that can only be activated after building up the new Super Meter) and an adjustable speed setting (which must be turned on by the operator), allowing players to ramp up the speed up to a level similar to Street Fighter II': Hyper Fighting. This also marks the first in the series to remove the bonus mini-games that occurs between every few consecutive matches.

    Each fighter, along with new moves, also have a variety of changes to their gameplay mechanics (for example, Ken has a wide variety of new kicks) and a new primary color palette in similar vein to Hyper Fighting. The game also includes a new hidden boss, Akuma (known in the Japanese version as Gouki), who is shown in promotional artwork and the game's introduction sequence. Believed to be born out of the Sheng Long hoax, this fighter has a variety of powerful moves (including the ability to throw fireballs in the air) and can only be fought by progressing through the difficult single-player game without continuing under a certain condition (either achieving the high score before reaching M. Bison, or reaching M. Bison in under 25 minutes).

    Also known as "Super X" or "Super Turbo", this iteration is the last one released for nearly ten years, proceeded by Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers. Despite the newer versions, the arcade version of this installment is still used in competitive tournaments.


    All characters from Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers are updated in some way. However, players can pick a special version of each character (which reverts the changes form New Challenges, removes the Super Meter, and restores the original color scheme) with a special cheat code.

    The game's new secret boss, Akuma, is unique as he is the only CPU-controlled fighter who does not have a Super Meter. His moveset is also different (and less powerful) when player-controlled.

    New Additions

    • Akuma (secret boss, known as Gouki in the Japanese versions, that is playable with a cheat code)

    Returning Characters


    • It was ported by Human Soft to Amiga systems running AGA chipsets (namely the A1200 and A4000) in 1995. Released by GameTek in both North America and Europe, this version differs heavily from the Amiga ports of World Warrior and New Challengers and uses the same quality sprites as the arcade version. While this version includes no music, it was later ported to the Amiga CD32 in Europe with a new soundtrack arrangement.
    • It was ported by Eurocom to PC systems running MS-DOS in 1995. Released by GameTek in both North America and Europe, this version differs from its predecessor's PC port and utilizes the same quality sprites as the arcade version (rather than a direct rip of a SNES/Genesis port). While the Floppy Disk version uses MIDI-quality audio, the CD-ROM version uses the same soundtrack as the CD32 version.
    • It was officially ported to the Dreamcast in Japan as an exclusive mail-order release on December 22, 2000. Titled Super Street Fighter II X for Matching Service, this port is a faithful reproduction of the arcade version and includes online multiplayer and numerous hidden options (including the ability to toggle changes between minor game revisions, the ability to toggle features of the game's predecessor, and the ability to play as two alternate versions of Akuma: one used for the game's CPU-controlled boss and one with the Shungokusatsu Super Move).
    • It was officially ported to the Game Boy Advance as Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival (Super Street Fighter II X Revival in Japan). It was released in Japan on July 13, 2001, North America on October 30, 2001, and Europe on November 2, 2001. While the game's character sprites are based on the SNES version of the game's predecessor, this version features a variety of new graphics (including large re-drawn character portraits), special effects, and backgrounds (including some from the Street Fighter Alpha series), as well as new unlockable game modes (including Survival Mode and Time Attack) and the unlockable option to play as the version of Akuma used for the game's CPU-controlled boss. It was later digitally re-released for the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan (on July 1, 2015), Europe (on July 16, 2015), and North America (on November 19, 2015).

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