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    T. Hawk

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    T. Hawk is a American Indian who first appeared in Super Street Fighter II.

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    Just an infant, T. Hawk and the members of his tribe (the Thunderfoot) were forced off their land by Shadaloo. Some of the Thunderfoot members resisted and fought against the corrupt organization, but many were killed including Arroyo Hawk (T. Hawk's father). Arroyo's murderer was none other than the young M. Bison. Now living in Mexico near the Monte Albán plains, T. Hawk wants nothing more than revenge on Bison for his despicable actions. It is T. Hawk's goal to reclaim the land that was once taken from his people, while avenging his father's death.

    The Thunderfoot tribe had experienced a number of sudden disappearances within their ranks, and T. Hawk took on the responsibility of finding them. One of their lost tribesmen was Noembelu, who had become one of Bison's brainwashed dolls. T. Hawk found Noembelu, but it is not known if she returned home with him or regained any of her past memories (as becoming a doll involved a memory wipe).

    T. Hawk entered the second World Warrior tournament in order to battle against M. Bison, with hopes of reclaiming his people's land and freedom. He does not come away from the event with everything, but T. Hawk does regain his land - however, it is desolate and empty. Determined, T. Hawk vows to make his land as great as it once was and bring his people back home.

    Trademark Moves

    • Tomahawk Buster ( forward, down, forward P) - Similar to a dragon punch, but travels in a more diagonal motion. EX version can go through fireballs if timed correctly.
    • Typhoon (360 degree motion P) - T. Hawk's most famous move. T. Hawk grabs his opponent by the head, jumps up, spins them around with one arm and slams them on their head. Big damage. Ex Version is hit immune.
    • Condor Dive (in air, all three Punch buttons) - Hit all three punches while T. Hawk is jumping upwards in order for him to perform a diagonally-down directed headbutt.
    • Condor Spire - A forward flying headbutt that can be used as anti-air when timed correctly. Ex version travels through projectiles.

      Super Move (SSFII, IV)

    • Double Typhoon - As the name implies, T. Hawk grabs his opponent, performs a Typhoon causing them to bounce into the air, then jumps up, spins them around even more, and slams them again. Gigantic damage.

    Ultra Moves (Super Street Fighter IV)

    • Ultra 1: Raging Typhoon (720 PPP) a command grab ultra where T. Hawk grabs the opponent by their head, leaps into the air while spinning them around like a normal Mexican Typhoon. However, after the opponent hits the ground, T. Hawk lands on their back, sitting Indian-style. Only works on the ground within a short range.
    • Ultra 2: Raging Slash (HCBx2 PPP) an anti-air ultra with an angle similar to the Tomahawk Buster. T. Hawk leaps into the air, grabs the opponent, then slams them around like a rag doll. Useful for catching people who like to jump away, but does less damage than U1.

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