Characters I hate

Normally I don't find many excuses to hate a character, but sometimes whether by accident or design I find that I just can't stand a certain character.

List items

  • I think it's well documented in my Final Fantasy XII review but I just cannot stand Vaan and having to play as him makes it even more unbearable. He looks stupid, he has no character and he's kind of a useless fighter aswell. He also sounds like he's struggling with a constantly blocked nose.

  • Yeeeeah not surprising, I think a lot of people can't stand Wario, he's really designed that way.

  • T. Hawk is annoying to fight and looks kinda weird, dunno why beyond that but I just can't stand him.

  • As a Bruce Lee impersonator he could certainly look more the part. Also that screeching when you fight is only badass when Bruce Lee does it, when Jann Lee does it, it's just plain annoying. Dead or Alive may be a bit thin on the ground as far as story goes but Jann Lee really doesn't seem to have any at all other than he likes to punch dudes.

  • I'm sure he's designed to be a character that you're supposed to hate... well he's designed well. Smarmy jackass.

  • Apologies for this one, I don't exactly hate Lara but I really feel that she's become tired and she's very very poorly characterised especially recently. I also never got why people thought she was hot, her face is a real mess.

  • Another one I'm sure you're supposed to hate, bloody good job then cause I hate this guy a lot. Slightly remedied by the fact that I've had 2 games to beat on him, made worse by the fact that said beatings never seem to bother him.

  • Good or bad she's an annoying jackass throughout. Probably the point since it makes the choice of killing her harder for you... it wasn't hard for me.