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    An indie 2D fighting game from a development circle made up primarily of three ex-SNK developers, featuring gameplay highly reminiscent of the Street Fighter III series.

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    Yatagarasu is a 2D indie fighting game developed and published by PDW:Hotapen for the PC on December 2008. It was re-released six times (with the last revision, version 4.3, released on December 2012).

    Created primarily by a three-man team of ex-SNK developers ("Shiza" for programming, "Kotani" for graphics, and "Umezono" for gameplay), Yatagarasu is highly reminiscent of Capcom's Street Fighter III series, with development advised upon by several high-profile Japanese players of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. It also received numerous contributions in the game's art, soundtrack, and voice acting by several anime and video game talent.

    The game later received an updated sequel in 2015, titled Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm. Funded in part by an Indiegogo campaign, it includes additional characters and features, English localization, enhanced online multiplayer, and an arcade release. All seven revisions of the original game can be downloaded as DLC for the PC version of Attack on Cataclysm.


    The game features a six-button control layout and assigns two of these buttons to high and low parry. Much like the Capcom games it is influenced by, Yatagarasu also features special moves, normal move cancels, super moves, super move cancels, and long, damaging combos.

    Yatagarasu's gameplay can be described as deliberate compared to the games it is influenced by, with an emphasis on spacing and proper use each character's normal moves. Every normal move in the game is super cancellable, which can lead to extreme amounts of damage being dealt at mid-range via option selecting supers behind each poke. Throws are performed with light punch and light kick, and feature a whiff animation. Parrying is unique in that because it is mapped to a set of buttons, parries can be performed from crouch block at little risk; this can make predictable attacks very risky but also creates opportunities to throw opponents who fish for parries. The game also features universal overhead attacks that are performed in the same manner as those found in the Street Fighter III series.



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